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14 beta evo won’t run crisp


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Having an issue with my 14 evo. Seems to run good if i rev it up a bunch and clean it out. But I’ll idle around and run it in the low rpm’s and it just runs extremely blubbery up top. Like when the bikes just been started and try to give it a bunch of throttle. 

I’ve gone one down on the main. I’m in the top clip. Air screw is out. Cleaned the air filter 2x I’ve sort of tried running it with the air filter out but I’ll have to test it better than just my parkade. Any other reason I could be having this issue or is this just normal?

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Double-check the brass needle jet in the carb is still in place.  On my bike the fit was/is rather loose and the jet can easily fall out when the main jet assembly/needle jet holder has been removed and the carb is upside down. I hadn't noticed when mine fell out on one occasion.  Assembled the carb without it and the bike wasn't running right - although not as bad as you describe.

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