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Ignition on 2004 TXT 300 PRO Ducati


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Hi, I am looking for advice on this ignition system. 

The bike was running great and then died. I have good compression and air/fuel. I have no spark. 

New spark plug. 

Checked plug wire and boot - 5000 ohms - good. 

Stator has 1 yellow wire coming from it. I get 10 volts AC from the stator when spinning engine with a drill. 

The regulator/rectifier outputs 9 to 10 volts DC and the rad fan runs when I spin the engine with the drill. 

No spark when I spin with the drill. 

I am guessing the above suggests low voltage so maybe a bad stator - should I have 12 volts DC or maybe 14 or more like a car?. Note that there is no battery or charging system on this bike so I am not sure if it is supposed to run at 12 volts. 

The yellow AC wire from the stator goes into a pin on the regulator. It does not jump straight to the CDI but instead comes out of the regulator on a neighboring pin to the CDI. The pin beside it has 1 ohm to another pin with the yellow wire to the CDI. That seems like a direct connection with the yellow AC passing through the regulator to the CDI. So I disconnect the stator from the rectifier and connect the yellow AC from the stator direct to the CDI I get spark - Yeah Happy. Seems like the rectifier is pulling the power too low to get spark so maybe a bad rectifier? I can run the drill all day long and get spark with the stator directly connected to the CDI. 

With rectifier/regulator disconnected I can start the bike first or second kick. Unfortunately, when I rev it up it bogs down and chugs which seems like bad spark timing. Maybe no spark advance? Maybe a bad pickup? 

The CDI has 4 wires - yellow AC, white and green from the pickup, black for the ground and red/white to the kill switch. 

The pickup wires have 257 ohms and the white and green output 0.3 volts AC when I spin the engine with the drill. 

Does anyone know this system well? Any ideas on what my problem is or what/how to check? 



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I had problems with my 2005 pro Ducati ignition. I replaced the whole lot with a Kokusan system and had no more issues. Before that I did swap out most of the system with known good components to no avail. I was lucky in that I got everything including loom and flywheel very cheaply


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