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Track and courses West Yorkshire


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Please can anyone list or suggest places to ride trials im in Halifax but have trailer. It’s for me an adult and my 7 year old son. Aim is to ride together. Any help appreciated. Thanks 

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You could try Bumpy Ltd at birstall if you want to have a practice session. It’s a charity with a big off road riding area. If you want to ride some actual trials together, then I can highly recommend you go along to a Huddersfield Falcons event. They run a few different series, club championships, dead easy, evening series etc. but they include classes for everyone including the kids. Very nice bunch and very keen to get bums on seats, so set out sections that won’t frighten off the beginners. There are also clubs based around Bradford, west Leeds etc, but I can’t vouch for the standard of events. Get along to watch some & say hello to as many people as you can to get a feel for which would suit you best.

Good Luck.

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20 hours ago, Kez42 said:

Does anyone have insurance for off road bikes and who do you use please? Thanks 

Where are you in the world?  Example: I am in the US and I have insurance for my off road bikes (trials bikes) from Progressive but I have no clue if they would cover anything outside of the US. 

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