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Jotagas parts query


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Hello All, I'm new to Trials and new obviously to JGas, I bought myself a 2012 Jgas 300 only been out on it once but really enjoyed it .....I had aches in places I did'nt know could ache  !! Anyhoo, I'll get to the point. Gear lever on my bike is bent and its a wee bit sloppy on the splined shaft. Ordered an Apico (which said it was for my bike) but way too tight trying to get in on the splined shaft....sent that one back. Ordered a 2nd Apico (don't ask why I did this !!) but 2nd one turned up same thing again, I would guess that Apico may be farming some of there stuff out to who knows where ..but we can all guess. My question is this - Have any of you replaced gears levers and had similar issues and if so did you manage to find somewhere that supplies a lever that fits.....Are Gas Gas or any other brands using the same lever ??

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