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Sherpa identification


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10 hours ago, stanley said:

anyone have any tips on my 76 Sherpa rear wheel bearing removal they appear to be solid in the hub, tried a heat gun with no joy at all 

all input gratefully recieved 

What point are you getting stuck at?

Are you having trouble getting a good connection between the drift and the bearing inner?

Is one bearing any easier to connect with than the other?

If heating didn't help, then whatever they used is probably not loctite so may be an epoxy. If it is epoxy then the aluminium will probably melt before the epoxy burns.

In the worst case you can remove bearings with grinding tools.

Maybe post some photos up

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There is a sleeve/spacer that is inside the hub and between the two bearings. You should be able to lever this spacer to the side with a long screwdriver, thus giving you access to the bearing from the inside, they generally require a decent hit to get them moving.

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I have tried easing the spacer to one side to show the bearing and hopfully drift it out with as much heat as I dare either side of the hub no joy 

this morning I placed an M 10 expanding rawlbolt just inside the hub/inner part of the bearing tightened it up to grip on the inner race ring

and with some heat equal to the nose cone on the Space Shuttle  and a few hits with my 4kg lump hammer from the othe side of hub 

out came a bearing EUREKA !

the other bearing was easier to remove of course,    I did find heavy traces of red loctite on the hub dont quite know why as bearing recess X 2 " are in good usable order ?


thank you all for your input

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