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TL250 13 T Front Sprocket & Throttle Response


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Does someone sell a 13 tooth front sprocket for the TL250?  I have a 14 and see 12 t for sale but no 13.

I have spent some time on the bike now.  It works well for such a heavy bike but it is not smooth when rolling on and off the throttle like when snaking slowly through trees with tight turns.  There is a lot of engine braking with throttle off and as soon as the slide lifts a surge forward.  I went from a very quick MX type throttle to an Amal trials throttle with no real change to this.  The engine does not spin up quickly like it needs more flywheel.  I'm thinking lower gearing may help in those slow on/ off parts.  I have the stock gearing and am thinking lower gearing may help smooth out that transition.    



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Lowering the gearing will help in the tight stuff because you can ride slower with the clutch out but it won't help the engine braking/power surge when you are on and off the throttle. That is a normal 4 stroke thing. If you have only ridden two strokes in trials previously it can take a while to get used to the characteristics of riding a 4 stroke in trials.

Riding technique can also help as in using rear brake to control the bike in the tight stuff.

Increasing the idle RPM will reduce the engine braking effect.


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