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1974 TY250 piston arrow / window direction


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I have ran across a discrepancy in what I have and what I have read and seen.

I have a stock and aftermarket stock size pistons. Both have the windows on one side and the arrow on the other.

The parts diagrams I have looked at all show the arrow and windows on  same side facing forward toward exhaust.

Am I missing something or is something not right here.

I am about to put the piston in with windows toward exhaust but the arrow will face back which goes against every piston I've ever installed.




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Diagrams copied how many times in 50 years. LOL It helps to understand mechanics of 2 strokes in the first place. We went decades with barely any real information, except the one between our own ears.

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I once purchased a non-running 2 stroke bike at a cheap price.

The only fault was the piston had been fitted the wrong way round.

(  That was the only lucky purchase I have had,  most non-runnners I have got involved in have been  much worse than expected )

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