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2022 Vertigo Nitro JBR 300 runs poorly past 1/4 throttle


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I have a 2022 Vertigo Nitro Jaime Busto Replica 300 that runs very rough past 1/4 throttle. First 1/4 is pretty good, idle is fine. Did it pretty much from new, bike now has 30 hours on it, and it seems to be getting worse.

Past 1/4 throttle it runs very rough, repeated surging and near stalling, but only under light load. Hard acceleration is good, steep uphill is good, 5th gear on flats or slightly downhill is terrible, to the point where it nearly stalls.

There's also a spot about 5000 RPM where it just doesn't run cleanly at all, lots of smoke and very rough.

This bike has the lithium battery with a different wiring harness from earlier models and a 6 pin plug. I bought a wificom but can't connect it, the wificom has an 8 pin plug. My JBR's 6 pin red plug looks very much like the iso 19689 connector. The dealer has said it's not though, and doesn't have a Vertigo diagnostic box and software, on backorder. Does anyone know if that is correct and it's not the ISO standard, or it is and I can get an adapter from Amazon hook up an OBD2 device to this bike to help diagnose the problem?

First plug replaced at 8 hours was black and wet, 2nd plug at 20 hours was better, very light tan, but I am getting quite a bit of soot in the exhaust. I haven't pulled the third plug yet.

I have pulled the intake/pump/filter/pressure regulator assy, no obvious defects or splits. I'll have an actual pressure reading this weekend. The air hole in the gas cap is not plugged. I haven't tried replacing the TPS because with no way to zero it I figure if it doesn't solve the problem I now have two problems. Dealer is 6 hours away one-way, so it's a full day/$200 gas to drop it off and a full day/$200 gas to pick it up so I'm more inclined to try to diagnose it myself until at least one of us has a programmer. It also had a problem with the breather box not sealed from new, leading to transmission oil in the airbox, so I originally thought it sucked in some trans oil, which is why I say "pretty much from new", not sure if the trans oil caused problems from the start or in fact were any part of the problem. Fuel ratio is 130:1.

Any suggestions?

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I've had a Nitro and am now on a Busto with the battery assist. I understand (from Vertigo UK) that GET are producing a new WiFi com device, new hardware and software, for the battery assist models. Vertigo are waiting for this.

A couple of observations; Firstly, get the mixture right - it's 30Ml synthetic 2T oil to 5 litres of fuel. Your oil in the airbox is not an issue, the gearbox breather returns to the airbox by design, I've had oil in the airbox after the bike being upside down a few times. Don't worry about it. Your running issue sounds very much like the TPS needs a reset. Have you adjusted the idle speed via the throttle stop? ( as you know if you adjust the idle via throttle stop then you'll need a TPS reset). My Nitro sooted plugs until I increased the idle speed. My Busto was supplied with a higher idle speed and it has now dropped back after approx 6 hours riding time, absolutely no issue with plugs.

As you have no device to reset the TPS, or diagnose, its sounds like a dealer return.


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I had the same running issue at 1/4 throttle on my 2022 Nitro, found that the air screw on the throttle body was not correctly set. Should be 1-1/2 to 1-3/4 turns out from all the way in. Also, found that Boyesen carbon pro series dual stage reeds made it even smoother at the bottom end.

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Multiple questions:


First - where are you located?

Second - when you do an oil change/service, only refill with 375 ml.  (That prevents puking into the air box).  If you pull the sidecover and transmission, you can see there’s a little leftover oil.  Putting in 400 ml will eventually overfill.  The sight glass is just for a “is the oil gross” check, not a level indication.

Third - Non-ethanol premium mixed at least 130:1 or or 150:1 will do you fine.  No special 2-stroke or trials fuels required.  Factory recommendation is 0.06% ratio.  That works out to be about 160:1.  So the 30 ml to 5 Litres of fuel is pretty close.  30 ml to 4 Liters is is 133:1.    Or just a smidge less than 1 oz to 1 gallon (128 oz) works.  Easiest thing to go is a get a 4 liter or 5 liter measuring pitcher and a 60 ml “syringe” off Ama-zone.  

Fourth - air filters get “lightly” oiled… many people over oil…chokes the bike.

I’ve ridden Verts at 12,500 feet and sea level for 5 years.


Lemme know if you have further questions.

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