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Normal for kickstart lever to hit footpeg?


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I have a 2107 Cota 300RR, and whenever I kick her over the lever hits the footpeg. I put new pegs on and the lever is damaging them a bit, as well as the lever itself is getting chewed up. It seems impossible to stop the kick before the peg. I saw someone else on here had put a rubber piece on his. I have put a bit of rubber hose on it for now to help protect them, but the rubber is causing the lever to get stuck on the peg now. 

Is this normal for these bikes, and is there a solution? Thanks in advance.

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Bend the kickstart back to it's correct angle:  Take the kickstart leaver off.  Put it in a vice.  Heat it up with a blowlamp, or preferably an oxyacetylene torch to a red colour, then bend it, perhaps using a long length of pipe.  When you are happy with the angle then heat it up again to red, then quench it in a bucket of cold water to make it tough again.  Simples. 

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Yikes I don't particularly like the idea of grinding my brand new pegs down but I guess if that's what it comes to....

The idea of bending the lever, that tells me that it isn't normally supposed to do this then? It seems like even the new ones that I tried at the dealership did it, but I thought maybe I'm kicking too far. It seems to take up that whole stroke to kick it over, though. I'll have to give this a go, rather than grinding down the pegs first. 

Thanks for the tips! 

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