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Best Ladies Gear?


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For tops I just use normal running shirts (in the UK I managed to find ones with long sleeves that are made for Muslim women, which keeps the ACU happy, for practice I just wear short sleeved ones).  For the trousers, I have one pair each of both men's and women's Clice ones I got cheap off the internet, they're stretchy so the sizing only has to be about right and are good in hot weather (the men's fits my legs better, hips a little worse, and just leaves a bit more room in the crotch that I don't need, but it's hardly noticeable), but most of the time I just wear loose work trousers or stretch jeans because they're a bit more abrasion resistant.


Anything that won't burn on the exhaust, fits in the top of the boots, and gives a good range of motion should work fine.

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Yeah not burning on the exhaust is important! I wore leggings to practice one day and ended up burning a big hole in them pretty quick when I tipped over and my leg was caught just enough on the pipe to go through to my skin. Stupid mistake! Thanks for the tips!

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