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Seeking answers to two questions, please.


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Not long had my 2022 ePure and have just arrived in Spain to give it a go, somewhat different to my back garden. I have the impression that the bike rolls on somewhat with the throttle closed, whereas in the garden, albeit very flat, I felt as though it always stopped. Is this normal? I did a decoder reset after being advised by a very useful YouTube video but it continues, and any sort of downslope requires braking.

Second question is that I have an electric car and charge this with the public charge points some of which have a normal two pin socket, (I live in France), which my charger would fit. Would it be a safe way to recharge?


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Except with "tickover" mode, available on some models, all power to the motor should be off when the throttle is fully closed. In other words, the bike will not pull forward, but it will certainly roll freely. There is no meaningful motor resistance to prevent it from doing so. If you have a FRB or PRB (fixed regenerative braking and progressive regenerative braking) button equipped, that can provide some, when depressed.

In short, it is normal for braking to be required on any sort of downslope.

Regarding the recharge, I presume that you are asking whether you can plug your Electric Motion provided charger into the public charge point? If the plug socket available at the recharge station provided the same voltage and amperage as the wall plug you normally plug into, then no problem.

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Do not use electric car charge points. The EM bikes are sold with a charger which is programmed to accurately and safely charger the battery on the bike. Electric cars have the charger built in to the car, with charge points being “dumb”, unable to provide the variables needed by the EM battery BMS.


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On 11/17/2022 at 12:47 AM, austini said:

dgshannon if you push an EM there is defiantly more resistance to an ICE bike that's why if, god forbid, you do run out of "go juice" split the chain and push, push push.  

Agreed, but I've never understood why. It's quite hard when loading up. I've tried pulling in the clutch and it doesn't seem to get any better, so the drag seems to be in the "gearbox".

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