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Overheating problem


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Bike: GG 280 TXT PRO 2008

Hi all, I'm here for the first time, so appologise if I put this issue in wrong place.

I'm sure each time you see "overheating" issue automatically you think... "no, another guy with fan problem".

I'm trying to solve my issue from June this year.

What's the problem...

Problem is temp. of cooling liquid eaisly reaches over 110 degree so with clasic liquid means boiling and rest you know.

I even could break pomp simering (attached as picture) - of course cooling tap is fully ok, open about 1 bar but with boiling liquid cannot handle this.

Pomp is working and there is circulation of liquid (with transparent hose you can eaily see it).

Fan in turing on about 65 degrees (even with short-circuit there is no significant difference).

Ignition advance is about 20 degrees - I do not know if it is right value - no data to compare.

I'm looking also for info what is typical temperature of liquid on idle, during light ride and heavy one.

What was checked:

1. Different radiator

2. Mixture composition (lean/reach)

3. Even whole different carburetor

4. completely new water pomp

5. head and inner/outer orings replaced

6. different head

7. current regulator - check with completely new

8. short-circuit fan


One time I succeed to fix problem... temp was 74 degree and goes up to 90 during ride then nicely back to 74 degrees.

No idea what I did... my mistake was I took carburetor to consult spire set and when I assembled it back no more 74 degrees... only typical problem.

I did not check yet flywheel and coils behid, ignition module.


Any valuable ideas ? Serious comments ?


Thanks Jan




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8 hours ago, faussy said:

Is your gearbox oil still that colour after the waterpump change??

Noteworthy question, I totally missed that!  At one time I used an oil that was clear and could look a bit like that, but it sure looks suspect.


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Thanks for questions.


Airflow is from outside, thorough radiator, to the direction of gassoline tank. About the speed of fan... I did not measure exactly speed but sound is correct IMHO and with 2 different modules result is the same. Anyway I think if fan is working and I back from high rpm to idle there should be observable temp going down (less heat from source with them same capability to obtain hear [radiator] - typical termo bilans) but temp is not going down or goes very very slowly and only few degree. Example: easy riding, I can reach 100 degree... keep bike idle and temp very slowly but increase or stay arround 100 (30 minutes on idle). Next time with the same experiment I have 100 degree and on idle temp goes down 1..2 degree and stay. If I have longer high speed ride easily I can reach over 115 which is extra stange because high spead should support better airflow (radiator is of course clean inside and outside).

What you see on the picture is not oil but diesel oil. Picture was from begining of my problem solving and I use diesel to clean up engine interioir (temporary, easy method to clean up engine after cooling liquid and oil mixed).

Now, when I have solution to measure temperature and never go over 110 degree no more mix liquid and oil, no more problems with water pomp simering. For now I use normal but cheap 10W40... keep my TrialClouch oil (the red one) for final celebration :)

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I did it and what I saw I evaluated as "moving" liquid (cannot be sure as vibration of bike made liquid "shaked") - however with part of transparent hose I saw moving liquid.

Checking combustion gases inside liquid is interesting idea - I did not check it - can tell something about problems with head/cilinder (micro-cracks).

I will do that, thanks a lot.

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  • 2 months later...

OK, problem solved.

Just info for others...

Primary source of problem was damages radiator cap which caused to high pressure in the system and finally bloating (sorry if this is not right word) of radiator.

In result radiator couldn't work correctly and cool down liquid.

After repairing radiator and replacing radiator cap I have:

- idle work: up to 66 celcius degree

- 30 minutes hard ride uphill: up to 100 celcius degree (never more)

- if I slowdown, reduce speed, more idle: temperature going down... even to level when fan turns off

My current radiator is not perfect, it is repaired, so using new one for sure results could be better.

Thanks for all ideas and help.

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