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Hi everyone hope you're having a great day.

I'm purchasing some boots, but how do I tell what boots are trials boots? there are so many different types but I'm yet to find any which specifically say they are for trials. 

What is the main difference?

Any help appreciated

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Trials boots will be softer with less protection so you can move and shift your body around without your feet keeping you locked to the bike.  Really need the bike to be able to move and shift under you so a lot less ankle support and as a side affect often less protection. 

Some trials boots for comparison.
Alpinestars: https://www.alpinestars.com/products/tech-t-boots

Gaerne: http://www.gaerne.com/boots/en/articolo/3/11/19/2522-013/brown/

Hebo: https://hebo.com/gb/411-trial

Forma: https://www.formabootsusa.com/products/boulder-brown

There are a few others but I hope this gives you a start. 

Hope this helps. 

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Also you can find trials boots in SiDi, Wolfsport, and Stylmartin if what I see online is correct. 


PS. I have a low arch and like the support of the shank in the Alpinestars so have a pare of the Tech T.  I also feel they are a bit more protective than most of the other brands and seem to fit true to size at least in my exp.

Good luck!

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As the saying goes - buy cheap, buy twice.

There are often pairs of barely used boots on eBay. As long as you know your size (it can vary between different makes) then you could get a quality pair for around, or less than, the new price of a cheap pair.

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