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best advicse i can give is have you been sent the 4+ "how to" video's they've put up

a) club affilaition to the acu

b) set up stripe

c) set up club membership

d) how riders renew

e) how a club set up events / raise a permit


now there is a how varitey of issues around all these points, that can be minefield but that gives you a start

last week's zoom was a bit chatoic but it gave us an idea where people where struggling, tonight zoom was overwhemled (100 limit on attendes) but it did a tour de force of the basic system. there is a prmoise of more video and written out user documentation.

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I attended the zoom meeting at the start of the week.  We were promised detailed information but this is not available yet.

I have, through trial and error, set the memberships for our club.  Took me a while to figure out I needed two stripe accounts, one for memberships and one for entries.  Couldn't make it up.

I have discovered clubs can see who has paid for memberships via "Invoices" on the CMS dashboard.

I have managed to set up an event.  ACU set up the event once a permit has been approved.  I had to redo the Classes and attach the relevant licences.  Again trial and error.

Some riders have entered but so far I have not managed to get an "eligible" rider.  Not sure if this is a problem with their licence or my set up.  No way to tell what the problem is.

Have logged various support tickets but so far no replies.

Try emailing Neil Doctor at the ACU (neil@acu.org.uk) he sorted out a couple of my issues.  Not his job, he is General Secretary, but if he gets inundated with moaning emails he might get this mess sorted.

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i've got the links to the videoif you need them, and i've seen a copy (i havne't got it on me) of the PDF documentation.


We've set up two events, one is going well (and the riders all seam elligable) but was set up by one team from th e club whiel the other is showing waht you've got set up by someone else - we proably ticked some wrong tick boxes ?

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