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Is this a realistic goal for trials learning?


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So I picked up trials, I have no idea what these machines are capable of or if I should bother trying. So this is the terrain I ride in. My short term goal is to ride a small section of rock (some areas get very technical with drops) roll over them, static balance on the rocks, then look for a line and continue to roll on, static balance again, maybe a few front hops and rear hops to realign. Is this do-able on this terrain over time?

I can static balance on flat dirt pavement, but when it comes to trail riding over rough terrain its impossible for me to do so. Granted its my 2nd day of riding trials, and not knowing if its achievable or not, this is why I am asking. 

So the below picture is some of the terrain I ride in. so what I am asking, is it achievable with practice? or is it very incredibly hard to do where thats like pro level already? I have no grasp of the capabilities and time frame. so trying to see if my goal is a realistic one and not a "difficult" one in the world of trials with some practice, if that makes sense


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2 hours ago, jonboy883 said:

A great place to practice and ride, if your in any doubt watch some videos of the SSDT or Scott trial on YouTube and you’ll see you have a superb practice area. 

Thank you!! Pretty excited now! I am now able to roll and static balance, once in a while I can ride quick and static balance for a full 30 sec and continue riding!  still not good enough to do it on the trails yet. Ill be coming here tomorrow! finally able to hop the front 2 or 3 times w/o falling lol

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Awesome looking riding area! I wish I had something like that available.

I'd possibly suggest altering your goal a little. Forget the stop and go technique for a bit and just learn to ride that terrain accurately and continuously. Stopping and balancing is useful, but not as useful as actually making progress through the section. If you ever get the chance to watch some of the older ex-guns ride you'll see how they make it look OH-so-easy just rolling along, while the youngsters with the hop-and-pop do no better but look to be working far harder. Of course when it gets up into the higher grades it's pretty much impossible to get through without all the hop-and-pop, but that's a very long way from your first days, weeks, months or even years!

One of the big keys to riding stuff like that is being able to put your wheels exactly where you want them, stopping and balancing makes that harder unless you're well advanced. Putting your wheels where you want includes lifting the front and popping it down precisely on the rock you're aiming for.

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