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Engine/gearbox oil 250 2t 2009 evo


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On searching for "what oil...?"  I expected a raft of opinions and an equal number of "not this again..!" responses. But alas no.  So here goes...


The manual says Bradahl 20w40.  I have tubs of Shell Ultra 4t 10w40 (fully synthetic, top of the range shell bike oil) - is there any reason not to use the Shell?  Hot viscosity will be as recommended, cold viscosity slightly thinner than the 20w40, but that is probably a good thing for cold starting.

I can understand the logic of using a gearbox oil rather than an engine oil (such as no compromises for catalytic converters etc), but the manual does specify a multigrade.

Pretty sure it is easy to over think such things, but any opinions on this?

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Might as well try the Shell since you've got it.

It's partly a matter of preference with how the clutch feels. If you get to much drag with the Shell then Putoline Nano Trans, Motul 300v and ATF all get recommended, I've tried all three and prefer to use Nano Trans in my 2012 250.

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