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2021 TXT 300 GP rear shock question


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I got this bike in September and absolutely love it. I couldn't find a thing wrong with it in fact, everything works so great and feels really good.

Out of my love for the bike, I decided since I weigh 230lbs that I need to do right by it and upgrade the rear spring to an 80. Well, I did and put it back together. Went out for a ride and found the rear to feel dead. Like I'd hear a thud hitting obstacles like the tire was flat. There also isn't any sag so maybe I went a little high on the preload.


Can anyone point me in the right direction? I think static sag is supposed to be 10-15mm. Where do you measure that from, which two spots?



Thanks in advance!

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Normal, is vertical rear wheel travel. The static sag can be 10-20mm, and loaded sag (with rider fully equipped in riding position) can be somewhere in region 40-50% of full rear wheel travel.  Measure to a convenient point at rear mudguard and center of rear spindle

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If it was me, first I would put the old spring back in, to check that all is well - that nothing has been omitted or replaced incorrectly - especially the linkage.  Then, if all is ok then I would try another replacement spring, because it may be that the spring has not been properly tempered and so will not work correctly when installed in your bike.  

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