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To remove the bash gaurd or not to remove that is the questio


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Hi just drained the oil on my 14 beta evo I've noticed some of the oil caught the bash gaurd & has gone over the engine casing between the bash gaurd & engine. Now do I let my ocd get the better of me & take the bash gaurd off to clean up the oil or do I just put the drain bolt back in clean up what I can & bite my lip & refill with oil & go riding. Heard some bad stories about bash gaurds being a mare to fit.

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I found a suitable size plastic top of a bottle, cut it off to a suitable length and used that to push up the bash plate hole and then undo the sump plug. Required the hole and plug to line up nicely though. Worked well to stop oil flow in that gap between engine and baseplate.

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Take off the guard and clean it properly. You'll feel so much better, especially because you will have cleaned off so much more crud that you didn't know was there.

And if the guard comes off with a ping and won't go back, it needs adjusting to fit. Once you've done it you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that everything is right again. The curve in the guard tends to get flattened out due to hitting things. My first attempt at reshaping was done by interposing the guard between a trolley jack and the bottom of my car, using blocks of wood to apply the load in the right place. Failure: I just jacked up the car. This might work if you have a heavy van, or better still a lorry, and a big enough jack. Not many of us are blessed with a hydraulic press in our workshop so my solution was to find someone who would let me use theirs. Then it was trial and error: bend it a little, offer it up to the bike, repeat until the screws slip in easily.

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