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Can you cancel your entry in the new sport 80 platform?


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Is it possible to cancel an entry for a trial after you have entered and paid?  There is no 'help' or faq that I can see.  My missus has a scaphoid injury and will not be able to ride the next trial.  We have both looked at the platform and cannot see this is possible.  The event is by our own club so easy enough to do that route but I wondered if it would be as easy if you had booked another club's event?

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I do not think this is possible to withdraw an entry from the entrant side.

I have used Sport:80 twice as secretary of the meeting and have received requests for entries to be withdrawn which I have normally been able to do, the process for the club is quite simple but the amount of refund is determined by the Sprort:80/Stripe random number generator.

For the first event we ran, based on a fixed entry fee, the club randomly received four different credits per entry, for the second event it seems to be constant. 

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8 hours ago, rabie said:

i think there is a box for riders to "edit" their entry up to a point where you want it fixed, i've seen rider use it to change class. not sure if rider can use it to withdraw

The edit doesn't allow it but there is a "delete" option.  This returns a message you cannot delete it as you have already paid.  I think the edit lets you change bike or route or stuff like that.

If I am honest I cannot remember if the old system let you cancel.  Must be getting old 😁

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