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Stifled 247


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Hive mind can you help me please. 247 with Electrex ignition and properly jetted OKO carb. Starts and runs fine but when riding it if you open the throttle there's not much snappiness about it and it seems a bit sluggish. Could this be it needing new piston and rings (hope not, too pricey), it doesn't smoke much or maybe a case of the exhaust needing a good decoke and air filter cleaned/replaced?
Thanks in advance

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Did they ever have the snap, only ones I ever had a shot on were very soft. Replacing the air filter can't do any harm, and wouldn't imagine there will be much crap left in the exhaust after 3 mood crossings today. Have you checked it the timing is correct ?

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Just a thought...the latest model of 247 was 237cc and had a different timing figure. Could it be the Electrex system is set to the figure used on previous 247s and is giving a retarded spark on your bike?

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