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97 Fantic?


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Back in 97 when I got into this sport I had a look at a little piece of liderature that showed the 97 Fantic. It was painted up very much like a 99 bultaco sherco, or whatever they call their bikes. Anyway, I was advised to stay away from them and forgot about the whole deal.

I just wondered if a few of them ever made it to the public.


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Apex sports in Portland has a super clean Fantic section on the floor which is reputed to be one of the last ones made. It's blue and red with some other colors(dayglow yellow?) mixed in, has an aluminum frame. Neat bike. They want $1795.00 for it.

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That would be a 96 and they were a pretty good bike. Finally had a strong frame. The bike was much less prone to problems and the motor finally produced enough horses to be comparable with all the others. Too bad their past had already done them in.

I asked Avala about his experiences with the 94's and he just smiled and shook his head. I guess the bikes got excellent traction but they just didnt have enough power to pull any kind of a hill climb. It sounded to me like the bike cost him additional world titles.

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