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EM FACTOR-e la révolution trial électrique


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17 minutes ago, konrad said:

Seeing as how EM buys a standard charger out of China, their logic is severely flawed.


Oh, and just to be clear, I'm shocked that it could cost only $12k USD.  I had been anticipating something like $16k (not saying I think it's worth that, however).

It is £9,300 in GBP which is less than the Escape.  A new KTM EXC 250 Six Day is £10,550.

If I sell my TRS and my Honda CRF I could afford it.  (Or the wife's Ducati....)

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So 9,300 GBP equals 11,720 USD today according to OANDA's currency converter.   I am stunned.  I thought the 2023 Comp was like 12k GBP.

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I think the prices have gone down a little.  The cost issue was not helping develop a big market for the electric bikes versus the ICE competition.

I am still keen to see what the other brands come out with.  Both GasGas and Yamaha have stuff in the pipeline.

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10 hours ago, konrad said:

When I follow that link from the US, it says, "$11,980.00   Tax included.  Shipping calculated at checkout."

Yes, dollars.  I realize your price includes VAT, whereas mine would not.  But that can't possibly be right. 

I get $18,158. Presumably AU$ for me. 1.5 times the cost of an ICE bike & still need to add in shipping & local taxes. I see a very niche market for this bike unless it is actually better performing than current ICE bikes!

I'll be interested to see the final AU distributor's pricing.

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By a strange coincidence we bumped into a friend last night at the (mountain)bike shop.  Her son is a good trials rider and is at Inch Perfect this weekend to try the new Factor-E.  She thinks they (Inch) might let him have a deal on a bike to showcase it.

I have asked for a full report so will post up if we get to know anything.

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