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Fuel Tap Solenoide


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The fuel tap solenoid on my Beta Evo 4T has stopped working.

On examination one of the wires had broken off just where it joins the solenoid.

I will have a go at reconnecting it or maybe buy a replacement.

My question is why is this fitted to the 4T?  The bike runs fine with the tap set to bypass the solenoid, and you can turn it off manually.

Should I just leave it as is?



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My understanding is, when you manually open the tap it's just that, open. Once started you move it to the solenoid operating position, the reason is if it's permanently open and you drop the bike or lie it down then fuel can leak into cylinder past rings and contaminate the oil. So solenoid switches it off. Never completely understood as it restarts from that position 

You could leave it on or even do away with it altogether but it means taking that risk. They aren't cheap!

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