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Ben Nevis Web Cam


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You would know Andy, you were like a drowned Rat at 'Ba House' last year :lol:  :) ....but good to see you there

Despite the hellish walk across the moor in the driving rain and knee-deep mud, I'm glad I did it. I was really pleased with the photos. With the white water and barren backdrop they looked great and, in my opinion, showed the Scottish as it should be shown. I'd do the walk again, no question.

PS. I'm even more glad that I stopped at an outdoor shop in Glencoe en route and got myself some heavier waterproofs!

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Nice picture, 2fargone, was this taken from the top?

Since i live in this undersealevel country, makes me feel i was born in the wrong country :(

Hi GG,

I would say its probably about 2/3 of the way up maybe a bit more,I cant comment on the Netherlands but in my opinion Scotland takes some beating, even with the rain.

Anybody who rides in the SSDT is very privileged, its just a shame you don't really have time to take in the amazing scenery during the trial,I think its only when you no longer ride that you realize how fortunate you really were. :thumbup:

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Is that area free to ride in? It is not a reserve or somekind?

Or were you by foot?

Nice moskito though :D

jeees they are big :D is that the fort in the distance the white area ? Over the river?

Hi GG,

I think it is a 'National Park' so NO Motorcycles at all as it would jeopardize the future of the SSDT!

We were on mountain bikes.(Hard work going up,brilliant coming down, a 4404ft long section ) :thumbup:

Lewis,I need some help here :( )

over to you HIGHLAND LASSIE :D

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Hmmmm....nothing like passing the buck!!

Only ever being in the Fort for one week a year, I'm no expert but that to me looks like Loch Eil coming down into Loch Linnhe, in which case the 'white area' is out by Corpach, and the rest of the Fort is hidden by that little hill in front. :thumbup:

I'll leave it to the locals to put you right if I'm talking nonsense! :(

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