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It would seem that Laia had a coming together with a car on the peninsula, looking at the 50's on her results I'm guessing it was on the single track road between Kilmalieu and Rhuba Ruadh. She was took to hospital and received treatment to gravel rash, as far as I know. She was seen in the Westend Hotel later that evening and is ok.

Real shame for the lass, I bet this opens the debate about racing due to the lack of time etc.

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Told my lady driver what happened and she was really saddened and concerned for Laia. Both of us were very happy about her running so well.

Debbie's first reaction was that Laia probley zigged insted of Zagged when confronted headon with the car. It's commmon for riders from right side of the road countries to zig the wrong way in a panic situation when driving in left side of the road nations.

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we spoke to the old lady in the car,(she was probably about 70 years old) she was pretty shook up, the car was pretty messed up, front head light smashed out, front bumper cracked, and the front wing was hanging off.

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