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  1. too bad Jim got kicked off this site but he does post on ADV rider in the trials section so you could try posting your question there.
  2. It was 4 years ago... but I think I still have it in the back of the barn someplace unfortunately the trailer belonged to somebody who doesn't ride anymore so I don't have it to measure. If I get out there this weekend I will measure the ramp to give you some idea of the size... I do remember it being pretty steep maybe around 45% ?
  3. The issue we had was we had to move everything between shows each day so the trailer was handy for that. The big ramp in front covered up the hitch. Here is a video of it in action...
  4. One year we used a larger dump trailer made a top for it and a big ramp on one end and a kicker ramp on the other plus a few options for hitting it from the sides...
  5. I have used trailers for indoor demo's before I took some inspiration from this video... for me it was more about how you get on and off the trailer than it is about what obstacles are on the trailer.
  6. AWESOME !!! Great to see such an amazing turnout. I had a great chat with Jordan when he was in Halifax last summer about growing the sport - you guys are obviously doing things right !!!
  7. According to dirt rider he got a 3 in section 10 for "dragging his foot" as I read it... The caption above the video suggesting it was a 1 is hopefully wrong. A 3 would count for the right foot dab as well. I know crossing the tape is easy to see on the video but I could see how it may have been missed by the observers in the heat of the moment (given all the dabbing that was going on). Rolling back is also a tough call made much easier by video but when people are hoping around it is a fine line... kind of like stopping in no-stop trials. Wouldn't it be great if our sport got full TV coverage and the observers could request a video play back when things got tight... :).
  8. You obviously haven't tried racing cars, off shore sailing or flying your own plane as hobbies or simply getting married for that matter - LOL
  9. Crossing ribbon (might have been hard to tell if there was space between tire and ribbon without the video as we are allowed to ride on the ribbon just not on the other side of it) or Rolling backwards with a foot down is a 5 according to our local rules. Moving the right foot around would be a 3. Left foot dab after right foot would be a 2. Typically we don't get video evidence, so it depends more on what the observer observes... and we depend heavily on the honor system as often riders know better than the observers... which actually works well at our local events but we are in Nova Scotia not exactly expert level riders.
  10. Might be best to PM Dave or send him an email... my guess is the video was on tape not on-line. BTW - Dave has a great blog that he updates daily - always a good read!
  11. I was wondering about that, I figured it was just rolling backward but would that mean it had a clutch that disengaged the motor. Do EM bikes roll backwards that easily when the clutch lever is pulled in?
  12. Ho Lee Schitt.
  13. Not sure how many UK riders read the US On The Pegs magazine but in the latest edition they have started a new series of videos that could be a big help to all... the magazine can be found here:
  14. Direct injection 2 stroke looks like it could be a bit of a game changer ... see Guy's thread / video on the matter.