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  1. Use a proxy to make it look like you're in the UK.
  2. Wulfsport boots do the job, mine have lasted 3 years so far. About as waterproof as a sieve but so are many expensive boots.
  3. You could almost certainly put redex/ 3 in 1 or any other oil in and it wouldn't fail next ride, but I doubt they would give better long term engine wear than synthetic 2 stroke oil. There's a lot of BS in branding and marketing, the best oils are always overpriced, and bike manufacturers are always over cautious in their recommendations but synthetic and mineral are fundamentally different.
  4. One of these oils is only part synthetic so needs to be treated as a mineral. Beta list a 1.5% mix (75ml in 5L) for synthetic and 4% for mineral. So yes either could be used but I wouldn't personally risk them at the same ratio.
  5. To be honest I can't recall any detail and would need to look it up, there's been threads on it. A few characteristics differ to suit the intended usage which is high load high rpm for a race oil and lots of idling with brief bursts of revs for trials. The race oil wouldn't do any harm, the differences are minor, but if your only buying 2 stroke oil for trials then to me it would make sense to buy a trials specific oil.
  6. Looks like it's part synthetic, beta list a ratio for mineral oil so you could look that up and use it, I think it's about 4x the amount. Ideally though you'd use a trials specific oil rather than either of these.
  7. Bottoming on the frame limits how much you can lower it, but it shouldn't bottom before trimming the bolt - if it does then it may need bleeding.
  8. My beta is like that, I ground the bit down that goes into the master cylinder to get more adjustment which helped a little bit I'd still like it lower and wider.
  9. Unfortunately not, I'm away that weekend, but I'll pass it onto a couple of guys I practise with. It's great to see someone giving this a try, I'm sure it will be a massive help to anyone who's on their first few trials and make them more likely to keep coming back.
  10. At some point in the day after getting over nerves and before suffering fatigue you'll probably find at least one section you can clean. If you'd be ecstatic with that then my advice would be to go with that target and leave happy, don't push yourself too hard to finish, the odd clean is easier than finishing.
  11. The cause of fatigue has been covered.........but does it matter who it's down to? If something called the easy route is an extreme challenge for newcomers and there are very few easier alternatives then the sport is inaccessible. I think I'll leave it at that, to be honest I feel like I'm being drawn in to hijacking the thread to fight the corner for something that doesn't really benefit me, a bit of a waste of time.
  12. Advice conflicts because to be honest it doesn't make a great deal of difference. Some bikes will run away with you a little easier when you're clumsy and that's about it.
  13. Fits my experience, fatigue sets in on lap one or two, falls become frequent, laps three and four become just about endurance. Riding with underdeveloped skills is very physical. People tend to help in sections, it's worse to get stuck in a bog, wedged in a barbed wire fence, fall 10' into a steam, go over the bars trying to get over a log, submerge a bike etc. between sections. There should be plenty of others on here with this experience, or is that the problem do most unfit middle aged new starters end up quitting? Having said that I now just practise I don't compete.
  14. Your post clearly has a mocking tone e.g. what did you expect a ride across a flat field Myself and many others have posted about new starter difficulties on many other threads, and its not hard to find a new starter at a trial and to check their experience on the day. All this info is already out there. For most new starters safety is the concern not difficulty, no one expects it to be easy, and between sections is often a bigger concern than the sections. They do not expect for example drop offs on steep hills with a barbed wire fence at the bottom. I still don't select things to practise based on difficulty, I pick them based on what could go wrong.
  15. @baldilocks I've only done the easy route on centre trials, and I agree having two different things with the same name doesn't help. After all this time I don't recall venues, only the crashes. For anyone wanting to see what first timers stuggle with it would be best to follow one around. I can recall that the route chosen between sections was more hazardous than the sections, there's been several threads about this.