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  1. UK 250 has a flywheel weight as standard, and there are pros and cons to it, same applies to a slow throttle. Easier to start off with them to keep it tame but you may later want to remove them.
  2. You'd be fine with a 250, a 200 may be better but you can only buy what you can find. I wouldn't rule out a 125 either. I ride a 250 because I couldn't find a 200.
  3. Pretty much any wet clutch suitable engine oil or gearbox oil will work reasonably well, and clutch action is down to rider preference, so you get loads of opinions. My personal preference is motul 300v 5w-30.
  4. You also don't need a number plate, but if one is fitted it must be legit. Horns must be single tone so battery ones are no good. However the most important thing is each tester ignores different bits of the manual, so it's best to give them a call. (My usual bike place insists on a brake light so I take the trials bike elsewhere)
  5. It's always a compromise, never perfect. Changing the oil to ATF is another way to make it more abrupt. Personally I like a smooth clutch not an abrupt one. I swap out the two thicker plates and run motul 300v.
  6. Try this guide 300 clutch set up.pdf
  7. It's a good deal if there isn't too much wrong with it. check all wear items, especially bearings and forks where the costs can rack up. Get it running if possible before buying, otherwise you're taking a gamble. Fork springs are known to crack and weren't available a couple of years ago when I had a 99 321. luckily custom made springs aren't too expensive.
  8. Thanks, great description!
  9. Could anyone please confirm the order of the washer and oil seal in the right fork, and which way up the washer goes? The image in the parts manual shows the washer above which is not how mine came apart, however it also it also has the descriptions reversed so they don't match the image so I don't want to rely on it.
  10. Try Macclesfield trials club, it's online and free.
  11. Who's better for publicity is pretty clear cut Google "Ross Noble" and you get 308,000 results with a news article at the top - Comedian Ross Noble to take part in Scottish Six Days Trial Google "James Dabill" and you get 28,200 results with his twitter account at the top.
  12. What bike? Rear suspension linkages and swingarm bearings need to be cleaned and greased as part of routine maintenance, frequency depends on usage, washing and choice of grease. If you pressure wash and ride in water you'll need to do them more frequently than someone that doesn't. Brake noise isn't always a fault/maintenance issue, but I'd check it's all as it should be, pistons not seized, disk not warped etc.
  13. " that specific model can't be registered to be able to ride it on public roads. " Any idea why? I've always used a simple cheap 100ml measuring cylinder for the oil. It may be best to search the forum for boots to see which ones the soles fall off or any other issues, just like bikes everyone has their favorite brand so you'll get 4 or 5 recommendations.
  14. Really hard to advise without seeing and ideally feeling them, if after de-burring a finger nail still snags then they will need filling as well - that's assuming they aren't so bad that they need to be plated and ground. Something soft like nail polish is quick and easy for small scratches. Metal filled epoxy like JB weld is long lasting, but you can do a lot of damage to the surrounding area trying to get it smooth - if you sand too early while it's soft it grains, if you do it fully cured it's really tough.
  15. Beta UK will know how they differ as they'll probably also stock seal kits for both.