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  1. New I'd splash a grand to 1500 on one, but I'm confident that Chinese manufacturers could produce something like this for under a grand, some of their road bikes start from 700. What would limit the appeal to most though is they wouldn't be competitive against a similarly priced txt/rev3 etc. and I'm sure twinshock rules would be adjusted to keep them out of those classes.
  2. The fuel taps can leak, I've had to replace one, later bikes use a different design. It's worth a look.
  3. Yer I could go along with that as well, but if looking for a project rather than a bike (and already owning an evo) it does appeal.
  4. I think the problem is that switching off is not seen as good etiquette, it may not be people ignoring etiquette and being selfish, most probably haven't given it a thought. It might be worth asking organisers if they would mention it when riders are briefed at the start of an event.
  5. I see the appeal in the motor, they're compact, have enough poke and you can pickup a full motor for less than a replate and piston on a typical trials motor. That one looks like a 140cc, but the Honda Nice 110 that uses the same mounts has been taken up to 320cc. You can also get twin cam, twin spark and all sorts, different clutches, cams flywheels etc. are also common.
  7. The top hat washers can be fitted either way around to set a different spring preload, these combined with 2 thicker plates apparently give 6 clutch setups - there's a document somewhere that explains it...... Edit found link
  8. It's descended into another challenging each other's experience contest, why does that always happen here. To answer the original post, I doubt that you'll find the 1200 too heavy, lighter is better but it's not the only factor and it may be worth it if you find the visor useful.
  9. after capacity most differences are just compression and flywheel weight so at least you can change it if you later feel like you've made the wrong choice.
  10. It's also worth noting that not all 250s are the same, for example there's quite an engine character difference between a 2012 250 gas gas and a 2012 250 Beta - the Beta is very soft due to low compression and a flywheel weight. Personally when I started (and now if I was changing bikes) I'd have gone with the many Beta 200 recommendations, but they don't seem to come up for sale often.
  11. There's not much difference in capability, at least not with the Beta's that I've ridden, it's just different characteristics. I'd go for whichever you can find in the right condition at the right price.
  12. Make sure it's clean, and rotate the grommet a few times so it gets seated properly.
  13. Broke two, using plastic bolts helps as they tend to rip out instead.
  14. I couldn't find a single tone battery horn, so bought a proper horn to wire in. Haven't done it yet but it looks like the wire to the thermostat for the fan will need to be the power source for it.
  15. +1 on Rocking for initial release, and stripping the clutch stack if this doesn't work. Clutch fix instructions for a general improvement, with new plates and steels as an option if the fix don't work. Oil choice also has an effect but I'd rather not start another oil debate.