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  1. Garage alarm

    I have a couple of the shotgun ones, but I've resisted the temptation to test fire them.
  2. Garage alarm

    BT alarm remote works through a garage door.
  3. Garage alarm

    If you need battery powered try bt alarms. Radio not infra red remote so you can turn off before opening the door, decent battery life, and you can get additional sounders and remotes.
  4. Kick Starting a 2018 Beta Evo 200

    The height of the Kickstart can be awkward if inflexible especially on uneven ground, but that's hard on the hip not the knee.
  5. Removing 250 flywheel weight

  6. Removing 250 flywheel weight

    Does it screw into the flywheel itself or are there nuts behind it? Just wondering if I need to buy a puller or not. Don't want to unscrew it then find I can't ride again until i remove the flywheel to retrieve fixings.
  7. Best u.k training? Trainer?

    Couldn't really say who's the best, but I highly recommend Dan Thorpe at Bumpy.
  8. Taming a 300??

    Not only ride, just preference. For easy stuff I find a 250 needs more finesse, now you've pointed it out it does feel like having to combine techniques, doesn't feel as natural to me. Hard to describe at the min though as I haven't ridden since early Nov - which is why I still own a 250, not riding enough to justify an upgrade.
  9. Beta evo newer plastics 2009

    I think the tank shape changes around 2013, my 2012 is different to a mates 2013
  10. Taming a 300??

    Yes, bought it before I'd ridden a 125, and it was cheap. I'll probably go SS300 or 125 next.
  11. Taming a 300??

    Personally I get on slightly better with either a lively 125 and loads of revs, or chugging a 300 in higher gears. The middle ground low state of tune as standard typical 250 doesn't suit me as well.
  12. Ross Noble

    Use a proxy to make it look like you're in the UK.
  13. Hebo eco trials boot's

    Wulfsport boots do the job, mine have lasted 3 years so far. About as waterproof as a sieve but so are many expensive boots.
  14. 2 stroke oil

    You could almost certainly put redex/ 3 in 1 or any other oil in and it wouldn't fail next ride, but I doubt they would give better long term engine wear than synthetic 2 stroke oil. There's a lot of BS in branding and marketing, the best oils are always overpriced, and bike manufacturers are always over cautious in their recommendations but synthetic and mineral are fundamentally different.
  15. 2 stroke oil

    One of these oils is only part synthetic so needs to be treated as a mineral. Beta list a 1.5% mix (75ml in 5L) for synthetic and 4% for mineral. So yes either could be used but I wouldn't personally risk them at the same ratio.