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  1. Hi I phoned the Sec earlier in the week about the no o/40 on modern bikes, and he said it was a e-mail error and its the same as last year, so I,ll be there.Cheers Dale
  2. That flower bed needs weeding
  3. Just a quick Thank you to everyone involved in putting on a great series of trials - Great venues and well laid out routes. See you all next year from the Welsh mob.Cheers.
  4. Hi Antifreeze / water mix @ 50/50 and it has anti-corrosive properties as well. ATF works very well.
  5. Also slow posting - See above Ha Ha
  6. Hi Now i,am a bit old to be learning the metric system, but even I know that cc,s measure volume and millimetres measure length - Now if you mean millilitres??? They are the same as cc,s so 450cc is the same as 450mils. I stand to be corrected by anyone who was taught the NEW fangled way!!!
  7. Hi No need for heat,they pop out easily - You might want to prise off both rubber seals and re-pack with good quality waterproof grease.Cheers
  8. Hi The way i do it is- Get a punch or old screwdriver and hit the spacer over 1/4 inch then flip the wheel over and hit on the lip you,ve just made and out pops the bearings.There is a small lip/groove on both ends of the spacer - file off one of them when you re-install it - it makes it easier next time, but remember/ or mark which way you put the filed end.Cheers
  9. Yep great trial - especially the graded hill climb, my type of section - not a lot of skill involved - just hang ON!!!
  10. Hi, nothing too hard in doing these -Just follow the instructions on the Sherco USA website [ RYP] Make sure everything is nice and clean and use a vice to push the bearings out and to replace them -Job done.
  11. Hi You do,nt say which part of the country your from so i cant give specific points. but if you can pick up Trials + motorcross news at your local papershop [out on fri] and look in the Whats on section in the back, and see if there are any trials on localy - pop along to a trial and speak to the organisers and they will point you in the right direction or look on the ACU website for the phone number for your nearest club. I wish i took up trials when i was severn!!!
  12. If your stuck in the future,try finding a bolt with a head size that matches the internal dimensions of the tops,then either weld a tee or use mole grips -Just a thought
  13. Try using a blowlamp carefully on the pads and disc, i had contaminated mine with WD40/ chain lube - the pads caught fire but soon went out and good for another few trials.
  14. Have a pratice on the old box you changed - nothing to lose