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  1. After this initial uphill trail failture I had doing my tests in a regular unpaved road most flat. Bike took about 5kms (3miles) to be at the point where rear fender start to melt. (Cruising at moderate speeds and load). The buddy bike whitch rode with me never get close to it. The heavy smoke has gone since everything inside exaust burned on first time.
  2. If gasket is green, probably it uses mineral oil. If you put a drop of the original oil in water and it get white and mix, its dot.
  3. Changed cylinder base gasket and no more leak. Rear pipe oil has burned on first time this hapened. Now there is not much smoke beside regular 2t smoke. No blocage at rear exaust. I will start to look at some weired ignition fault. Since everyelse look ok to me, bike run greath and exaust keep overheating when ridding at moderate speeds Pick up coil white/black 200 ohms. Blue/red 20 ohms. Anyone have hidria ignition specs and timming advance? Thank everybody for the help untill now. Lets keep ideas comming.
  4. But this leak is a old thing and the overheating started on last ride and spark plug color seems ok, engine temperature ok, the heat is only at exaust.....?
  5. Have a 2015 300cc sherco. On my last ride noticed a hudge amount of smoke from exaust. And some rear fender melting. It was during a uphill trail at moderate engine load. Have done it many times before without issues. To me it is clear that there something wrong. Checked water level, water flow, fan working speed....ok. engine temperature and power nice. Start easy hot or cold. When I back home checked rear exaust blocage, carburetor, gearbox oil amount, magneto key and everyting seems ok. Than, checked timming with stroboscope. 5mm btdc just after idle and 7mm over ~3000rpm. This look too much to me! retarded the timming as far as possible but keep having same readding. Can be too much advance causing this exaust overheating? is I am missing something? Havent "kick back" issues. always had few pinging when too much throtlle at low rpm There is a leakage in reed valve rubber gasket....
  6. Last week we rode again My buddy has a hyperactive leg. This become evident in this vid. Have some duct tape to fix it next week....
  7. Was hard to me transfer whar I learned on bicycles to on motorcycle I can improve more....
  8. Minas uai! Pertim de BH.
  9. Too much oil on a gearbox means more drag, heat and foam formation degrading oil faster.
  10. This is too old for your model but....can't find the right one.
  11. GasGas Leonelli 2003-2004
  12. GasGas 50cc
  13. GasGas Ducati 1994-1995
  14. GasGas kokusan 1996-2000
  15. GasGas Ducati 2003