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  1. TXT Pro Sachs Rear Shock

    Probably bend shaft. Take a look in this video
  2. Mecatecno T18

    Something new is on the way http://www.mecatecno.biz/
  3. Cooling System Capacity.......

    Sherco hold 450cc as manual says. Gasgas sould be close
  4. Practice area!

    Last weekend I worked in my practice area moving a rock with a farm jack. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bizisx9B8hy/?taken-by=leocm74
  5. TRS 280 rr 2018 fork set up

    Take a look at this manual from formula Garfo formula regulagens.pdf
  6. 2016 ST 300 Suspension

    See attached file from formula Garfo formula regulagens.pdf
  7. Sherco forks

    Malcolm, you need to open the top cap and turn forks upside down. On coil side this will drain most of the oil. On dampening side half of the oil will be inside cartridge and it need be disasembled to drain oil.
  8. Water pump impeller

    Hope sherco improve their aftersales soon....this is a shame for them.
  9. Water pump impeller

    The impeller of my motorcycle had better days...and shipping from france to brasil take too much time. So making one was the obvious choice.
  10. Forking seals!

    Tech forks share same seals as honda vt600 shadow!
  11. Fork oil change. Best method?

    Found that doing this way (not completly disasembling) old oil will be trapped on hydraulic cartridge. On coil side this can work.
  12. Tech Forks Service

    There english subtitles in this video.
  13. Dexron 111 aft in forks ?

    Honda specify ATF oil for forks on some bikes like XR's.
  14. 2011 st250 yellow wire testing

    Have it from Leonelli... 026.D30 leonelli.pdf 016.D30 Leonelli.pdf
  15. Have Tech forks on a 2015 motorcycle. I completely disassembled the forks and changed oil 11 months ago. Do I need disasembly and clean it again or just opening the cap and draining old oil and putting new is ok? Which oil you prefer? 5w or 7,5w?