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  1. Dexron 111 aft in forks ?

    Honda specify ATF oil for forks on some bikes like XR's.
  2. 2011 st250 yellow wire testing

    Have it from Leonelli... 026.D30 leonelli.pdf 016.D30 Leonelli.pdf
  3. Have Tech forks on a 2015 motorcycle. I completely disassembled the forks and changed oil 11 months ago. Do I need disasembly and clean it again or just opening the cap and draining old oil and putting new is ok? Which oil you prefer? 5w or 7,5w?
  4. 2011 st250 yellow wire testing

    Multimeter at AC volts, ok?
  5. Sherco 2014 st300 running lean problems

    If there a fail in right side engine will burn oil from gearbox and smoke badly. If there leakage from generator side will should de able to see some leakage under electic coils. But this usually happen on much older bikes.... Seems like your carb have some blockage. Return the settings for what they are before problem started and give a good clean with compressed air. Install a gas filter since due the position of gas cap in this rear tank models, it is easy to get dirt inside gas tank.
  6. Taming a 300??

    You can close a bit the reed valve stoppers to tame any engine....
  7. Machining Your Own Parts

    Formula brakes calliper tool
  8. Magnetic Kill switch replacement cap - 3D print

    Made mine from a nylon rod turned on lathe. The magnet was pressed after
  9. Electric Bike BHP

    Batteries need to be replaced more often than pistons and they cost a lot more...
  10. GasGas TXE

    It can be ridden for how many time? Battery replacement (or spare) cost? And duration before it need be replaced. It can be compared with a 125, 250 or 300cc performance? Putting money in this bike now is gambling.
  11. piston rings

    Pit this wire rings first, than the "regular" rings. This ones is intended to avoid rings getting stuck on carbon deposits.
  12. Looking for manual/tech info on 2018 Sherco 300 factory

    Found Sherco workshop manual Sherco St - Manual Taller Trial_2015.pdf
  13. trials pants

    Acerbis new pants have some flex....
  14. Trials gloves

    +1 on mechanix gloves. They last a bit more.
  15. Fast Show lover Fuji

    Another Fujigas clever section strategy