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  1. AJP clutch master cylinder??? Did you noted this?
  2. No ECU! Good old CDI
  3. But.... two collors on same isolator?
  4. Old bolts lost their zinc plated and become prone to galvanic "welding". So, inspect and discart these bolts if you feel that the are becoming stick sometimes. This happen on cars spark plug when people used to clean it with sand blast or wire brush. On enduro motorcyc─║es brake calliper bolts (yellow plated) is where I see it most. All of them seems like lost their beautiful yellow cover
  5. Anyone can help me with this spark plug reading? (movie below) There are two colors at isolator. Black portion is turned to the back of the bike and white portion turned to escape window. This new NGK BP5ES rode 20km. The bike is Sherco ST300 2015. The previous spark plug was an BPR5EIX and had a good brown color. See the spark plug movie
  6. Do not use stainless steel into aluminium thread (where galvanic corrosion have conditions to happen). It will corrode aluminium much more than zinc plated steel (like OEM are) There are more galvanic potential between stailess steel to aluminium than zinc or steel to aluminium. tip: If you put a multimeter tip into radiator water and another into you frame and see a reading of few mV. It's it. Change water and put antifreeze.
  7. Or dirt blocage into fuel tank tap.
  8. I like to change the sprockets and chain at same time.
  9. Have two of them. 2010 and 2015. Nothing to worry about. They have a unique feel due more load at back but nothing that few rides to be up with. Very Reliable, same brakes, suspension and wheels from everybody. The clutch is "old" style with six coils. Models with Keirin carbs are more agressive than Dellorto.
  10. Well done!
  12. Look like it's just adaption to new bike process. Put more ridding hours in it than the problem will solve by itself..
  13. True. Had done this in my GasGas enduro and map start changing something after 3000rpm.
  14. This is from formula the tech forks manufacturer
  15. The closest is this: For a older model but still can be used most of the time.