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  1. 1991 model 240 climber. I actually owned one of these!
  2. Post a picture. we'll tell you what it is.
  3. Just thinking TRS could do with a front runner in the BTC, Iwan would be ideal.
  4. Good point, but I don't think it matters what oil/ratio hes using, his bike is going to get choked up bad style if its not even getting warmed up.
  5. Needs a proper run out, 15 minute sessions aren't enough to get engine properly hot enough for a true plug reading, also your exhaust will be starting to fill with unburnt oil.
  6. You need to decide whether the 250 or 300 suits you better, then go from there.
  7. Youll be fine as long you don't pour loads in.
  8. having owned both, the beta is a better machine for me. It offers more grip, more tractable power and better steering. Whatever you do, get a decent test on both machines as it really is personal preference, try before you buy.
  9. IIRC it was at a high altitude event (isola?) where they didn't manage to set up dib's beta quite right. people on here suggesting that he was generally unhappy with the machine are wide of the mark I think.
  10. There are no vacancies at vertigo.
  11. Good move by Busto, as when the WTC goes all electric he'll already have developed torrots bike and will be winning straight off & will be for some time.
  12. Definitely suspicious if only 10 days old, who else knew you just bought it?
  13. Slippery muddy conditions can be very hard work and frustrating for beginners, (and myself) it can really put you off, well done for finishing your first trial!
  14. Hmm yes, I am a bit concerned about that
  15. Fake news. A simple google image search reveals Beta production line in 2013.