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  1. Self maintenance videos

    Think BVM have started to do some on their vlog. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7BnJPB1V4dFq3dD7-RcfBw
  2. Evo Map Switch

    As above, virtually no difference between the maps on 2013 evo, I spent a bit of time riding the same section over & over using both settings, the only difference I could detect was at peak revs, which I never use anyway.
  3. Sherco 290 06 - No spark

    This era of sherco were very well known for stator failure, mine did it, some peoples had 2 or 3! The bike would fire up when the system had cooled down, then cut out when warm, revs would also fluctuate.
  4. The water heated crankcase caused the main bearings to spin in the case, this was the reason it was dropped v. quickly. Ask me how I know!!
  5. Gas Gas factory bike detail

    Seen lead on the sump guard before on other bikes, seems like the obvious place to put it.
  6. Montesa 4Rt for newbie

    As above, the 4rt doesn't suit everyone, I've been riding for decades & I don't find them easy to ride. Try before you buy is essential.
  7. TechnoMousse???

    As above, why are you using a tube?
  8. 2011 sherco or 2012 jotagas 250

    What is restricting you to just these two bikes? I would be looking at trying all the makes, as finding a bike that suits your style is the most important thing.
  9. TX 300

    Was it wrapped?
  10. Which bike

    You need a bike that suits your riding style, only you will know which one after you have tried them.
  11. TX 300

    Loads of small jobs which take time to sort, next along is test fitting the engine, although the engine has yet to be built. Its being worked on every week now.
  12. TX 300

    Not mine either
  13. Questions re: 1987 Montesa 335

    The 310 was 1990/1991 if I remember correctly.
  14. Aprila ID

    1991 model 240 climber. I actually owned one of these!
  15. Aprila ID

    Post a picture. we'll tell you what it is.