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  1. Done it a couple of times, no problems. No reason why you shouldn't if your not using it on the road.
  2. Is it a TL250? TLR 250's weren't made until 1985.
  3. Can you post a picture of the bike?
  4. Slow an smooth on the throttle/clutch.
  5. You need to block the holes at the other end to stop water getting in.
  6. You would only lean your bike against mine once
  7. I meant there is a Honda pump piston that fits the 200.
  8. I think that's for the 200 though.
  9. Haha, I took mine off & really missed it, leaning bike against rocks etc is a pain. I put it back on!
  10. It wont be mud, it can look like it though if its contaminated/old/emulsified. 20 hours is the max I would go to before a change.
  11. How long has the oil been in?
  12. Yes, he could have used a kill switch with his right hand.
  13. Lanyards: Not perfect, as I commented on an earlier thread after witnessing what happened to Pol Tarres at the world round. The lanyard definitely made that situation dangerous as Pol couldn't kill the screaming engine without taking his hand off the clutch which would have fired the bike off into the distance.
  14. One of them does.
  15. I would check the stator, well know weak spot on this bike, some people have had several replacements, I had one also failed, bad starting and/or erratic starting are symptoms. As is running for a short while until hot, then stopping and refusing to re-start.