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  1. A friend had the same problem, I think it was a kink in the pipe when reassembling the bike.
  2. I use nano-trans, no problems with clutch.
  3. Done it a couple of times, no problems. No reason why you shouldn't if your not using it on the road.
  4. Is it a TL250? TLR 250's weren't made until 1985.
  5. Can you post a picture of the bike?
  6. Slow an smooth on the throttle/clutch.
  7. You need to block the holes at the other end to stop water getting in.
  8. You would only lean your bike against mine once
  9. I meant there is a Honda pump piston that fits the 200.
  10. I think that's for the 200 though.
  11. Haha, I took mine off & really missed it, leaning bike against rocks etc is a pain. I put it back on!
  12. It wont be mud, it can look like it though if its contaminated/old/emulsified. 20 hours is the max I would go to before a change.
  13. How long has the oil been in?
  14. Yes, he could have used a kill switch with his right hand.