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  1. One of them does.
  2. I would check the stator, well know weak spot on this bike, some people have had several replacements, I had one also failed, bad starting and/or erratic starting are symptoms. As is running for a short while until hot, then stopping and refusing to re-start.
  3. These weren't designed to use ATF, I'd be looking at a proper trials clutch fluid if you don't find anything else wrong.
  4. Id sell both & get something newer, parts won't be an issue then.
  5. Ive had 2 Evos brand new and although both carbs were set up perfectly, every now & again fuel would pour out of the carb vents. I suspect floats sticking occasionaly as there clearly is nothing else wrong on stripping them down. If you can smell fuel then you need to have a really close look to find the source.
  6. Don't forget a lot of people gear their bikes higher for the Scottish.
  7. 1991 Gas Gas Delta with red plastics like the later contact models. Original plastics would be green/purple. The purple hubs and "gas gas" casting on the clutch case are the giveaway.
  8. Sounds like carburation to me, have you swapped carb with the other bike & tried it then?
  9. Get a proper test ride on a 4RT before you buy, they don't suit everyone.
  10. No. But I don't crash so much now.
  11. Haha, I honestly didn't see that when I posted!! Must be losing it!
  12. I assume your not in the UK then?
  13. It would need to be a lot different to the monstrosity shown above.
  14. Have you checked and double checked float height?
  15. Weren't they Spanish?