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  1. Ive had 2 Evos brand new and although both carbs were set up perfectly, every now & again fuel would pour out of the carb vents. I suspect floats sticking occasionaly as there clearly is nothing else wrong on stripping them down. If you can smell fuel then you need to have a really close look to find the source.
  2. Don't forget a lot of people gear their bikes higher for the Scottish.
  3. 1991 Gas Gas Delta with red plastics like the later contact models. Original plastics would be green/purple. The purple hubs and "gas gas" casting on the clutch case are the giveaway.
  4. Sounds like carburation to me, have you swapped carb with the other bike & tried it then?
  5. Get a proper test ride on a 4RT before you buy, they don't suit everyone.
  6. No. But I don't crash so much now.
  7. Haha, I honestly didn't see that when I posted!! Must be losing it!
  8. I assume your not in the UK then?
  9. It would need to be a lot different to the monstrosity shown above.
  10. Have you checked and double checked float height?
  11. Weren't they Spanish?
  12. Usually for letting air out on older bikes.
  13. zokes?
  14. Sorry, I meant quicker as in engine response, lightening the flywheel would achieve this, but lowering the compression would counteract that.
  15. So you want to reduce compression which will make the power softer, then reduce flywheel weight to make it quicker again? I would leave it alone & get a 200 KTM for your enduro, that's what I did. great fun!! Perhaps retarding the timing slightly might help with kick-back when starting if your worried about the kickstarter.