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  1. I was hoping to put it on 'my' website and the CMRF site to publicise it. I'm trying to get a couple of mates interested in going over and having a go...
  2. Lovely poster, can you lay it flat, take a pic' and post it again so I can take a copy of it, please? Thanks.
  3. I use a queue for a chat and much needed rest......
  4. The word 'legend' is bandied about as freely as the word 'celebrity' these days, I think we can safely use the word 'legend' in this man's case......
  5. Of all my bikes, trials, road or racing, my Greeves Scottish is my favourite....
  6. I supply racing bikes to the classic race team.....
  7. Son "Dad, why is my sister called Teresa?" Dad "Because your mum loves Easter, it's an anagram. Son "Thanks Dad" Dad "You're welcome Alan"
  8. I'm not too far away from you mickrayner. I have a link with the RAF MSA too....
  9. Air leak on inlet..... start the engine and spray WD40 or similar around the inlet area and see if the engine note changes.
  10. I've passed the word round, Craig. Absolutely disgusting, it's a shame your kids have to wake up to find out the world is full of scum.
  12. I carry an aluminium vodka bottle and top up as necessary.... it contains petrol not vodka....
  13. Fantastic, thank you.... Rosenthal, the Renthal man??