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  1. Budget Trials Build

    Hey guys, haven´t posted for some time. Tried to get the MX5 out of the garage only to find out the alternator had rusted shut, so took it apart and cleaned everything but it´s still not charging so I´ve been dealing with this and some mold + rust and well, just maintenace in general because I want to have it wokring properly although last year didn´t really drive it. But, there´s heaps of space in the garage now, though I also have to rebuild the tail on my Jawa, because we´re going on an anual oldtimers ride in the end of this month. SOOOO, a small brake from the Beta but will be getting back to it as soon as possbile. ALL THE SPACE!!!!
  2. Budget Trials Build

    Small steps after a long time. Started on the exhaust, I´ll be basing it on a Husqvarna WR250 and hopefully make it fit. The clutch is still a concern, even when compressing to lever on the engine it won´t fully disengage, so I´m quessing I should take it apart again and give it a proper cleaning, especially the plates between the disks. Also tried to check the timing but the borrowed strobe didn´t work, so waiting on another friend to help me out
  3. Budget Trials Build

    So close, but still so far Buttoned up the engine mounts and got the wires routed, I´ll add some plugs and a propper wiring once everything is working. Also made the starter button a kill switch, and made the clutch cable fit but I don´t have enough movement for propper disengagement. The last owner made the linkage longer, so I´ll have to return it to a shorter version. Still didn´t get it started and without the clutch I couldn´t push-start it either, can´t get enough grip on the concrete, once I get the clutch working I´ll take it on a field nearby or something like that!
  4. Budget Trials Build

    I must admit what you do is much more reasonable!!! I would go the same way but since this started so long ago it would be awesome to finish and I´ve enjoyed these last months too much Was away for almost half a week and today was a short one, so made the kickstarter fit and tacked the front mount, hoping to get it running the next time I´m in.
  5. Budget Trials Build

    Thanks, I had forgotten the awesome feeling of achievement when things start moving the right way...and how much you can learn from every mistake I´m loving it! Today was a very work oriented day but squeezed some garage time in as well, had to clean up the place because I saw and add touring the weekend and couldn´t resist - so now I also have a Honda SLR with a gearbox problem. One car and 4 motorcycle isn´t a good idea in s 3x6 space. But luckily I have a tunnel there, so now there´s rome for actual work and I started with the front mount. Won´t be pretty but for version 1.0 I think they´ll do the job, some welding, a few supports and we should be golden.
  6. Budget Trials Build

    Good god I´m an idiot!!! Got the chinese ignition working and had a feeling I should try the motoplat again before gutting up the engine, because the impulse generator woudn´t fit otherwise. So after taking it all apart and reinstalling the original parts I discovered I hadn´t attached the green wire previuosly and well, that was the ground for the stator .... Wasn´t sure but had to give it a go and this time I made a 17mm socket fit a drill and when I got the engine spinning there was a beautiful spark! Unbelievable how stupid I could have been, so now, I´m gonna tighty up everything, set the ignition and make the front mounts! Even without the exhaust it would be the first time the wheels start moving on this badboy!
  7. Budget Trials Build

    Didn´t get a change to visit the garage for a long time but today started working on a new ignition system, just thoughet it easyer and cheaper then messing with the motoplat! Got a chinese pitbike cdi ignition and hoping to get it working though it will need some pretty seriouse mods. Gonna keep the plate and had to also modify the magneto, because it woudn´t reach the cone. The plate is also taking shape but now comes the biggest problem, the ignition doohickey is external and doesn´t fit the housing! Also got a new project for summer It´s a Honda Dominator, so when waiting on parts or just get too frustrated I can work on that.
  8. Budget Trials Build

    Thanks Holy moly, this guy is crazy!!!
  9. Budget Trials Build

    Raer mudguard from a GasGas TXT, will fit with some modifications so can start with the subframe and engine mounts. New grips and a clutch cable. Still nothing from the ignition part, but I got the puller and seems like sombody has changed the stator, because it looks like there´s been some milling done there...
  10. Budget Trials Build

    Finaly took the tyres up and got them properly on the rims, they´re straight now, will see how the tubless rear holds once I start ridin The fuel tap and airfilter arrived which fit just perfectly. Had to start with the cables since I can´t get the flywheel off, so orderd a puller and a new clutch cable since the one I had is sticking like grazy and isn´t a good fit, throttle wasn´t also a bolt-on... neither is it nice but works good. With a new chain the bikes starts to look like an actual motorcycle. Hoping to sort out the motoplat, but still have the front engine mounts and an exhaust on the list.
  11. Budget Trials Build

    Okay, so no luck with the spark Figured I´d try this one but nothing, also tried this with three different coils. Finaly remeasured the resistance but also read that if you have diodes it´s pretty much impossible to see if the stator works like that, so you´d have to send it to a specialist. Blue to earth - 208 Ohm Black to earth - 83 Ohm White to earth - 104 Ohm Blue to black - 283 Ohm Blue to white - 307 Ohm Black to white - 25 Ohm
  12. Budget Trials Build

    It´s a the nut on the top and hits pretty hard, might think about gutting rewelding the frame so there´s room for it or maybe redo the kicker. I was never really sure about that, even contacted a guy on advrider and sent many pictures of the engine but he still thoughed it shpuld be a TR32. Gonna try to wire in the CDI with a diagram found online but unfortunately can´t find a manual for a TR33
  13. Budget Trials Build

    So I´m still worried about the wires... The engine came with a motoplat CDI but it´s shouldn´t be there + I have six cables coming from the engine, can´t find a diagram that maches all the above. Had to grind down a nut for the flywheel because couldn´t get a M12x1.25 that would fit a 17mm spanner, but all in all, the engine is togeher with new gaskets but the kickstarter doesn´t clear the frame Wiring black and blue cable to a coil didn´t give me any spark yet so will spend some time googling this ignition system.
  14. Budget Trials Build

    Decided to go with thread lock insted of tab washers and made a multitool to tighten all three nuts. Also have a chain, fuel-filter and hose, hopefully all the tubing for subframe and engine mounts so all I need is enough time to button up the engine and hopefully the coil I have will work.
  15. Budget Trials Build

    Yep, boughed just the chain, I can always make it shorter and I already have a talon 11tooth in the front, so not too worried about it now!