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  1. Place is almost ready for the toys The wiring and fusebox were in an awful state but luckily didn´t die in the progress of replacing it! The ceiling is in a pretty bad shape(water driping from four places) but winter is coming and it will have to wait till spring, it´s also a medow roof or what ever you call it, so a bit more complicated on the repairing part. That´s why the walls are also very discolored, the concrete is damp and it reacts in different ways. I´ll try to get the air moving and hopefully the second layer will look better.
  2. Not at all , just wasn´t sure he knew I live almost 2700km (or 1670miles) away from him. More then happy to but all this to good use!!!
  3. Thanks, would be awesome but I live all the way in Estonia, would be even happy to pay for it but I´m afraid it´s goint to be more exspensive then geting them from here... Yes, it´s been almost 7 years since I owned one
  4. ALL IS NOT LOST!!! So today I acquired a garage, I´ve been looking for almost 2 years and it´s finaly happening. Still a little messy and a long ways from anything else then a storage unit but try to work on it as much as possible. Underground unit that hasn´t really been used for 5 years or longer, I´m worried that the damp air will be my biggest worry but we´ll see, otherwise the plan is to get it cleaned out and painted to help with the lights that will be added. Then I can move in
  5. Really nice bikes!
  6. Nice video! Good cinematography, it was a pleasure to watch.
  7. This guy in unbelievable!!!
  8. Nice, that´s how you transport a bike! Good luck with the build, looking forward to it.
  9. What an awesome bike!
  10. Hey, unfortunately none what so ever, been really busy with work and it´s a Murphy, as soon as I´m free, my friend isn´t. But have been thinking about an engine swap, just because on spare parts, even if I do get that one running I might run into a problem really soon and for that it would be good to have a more popular/modern engine.
  11. Some updates, got the back together and bleeded the brake but I still need to make some changes to the spacers. The brake lever and master cylinder work thou
  12. Yeah, no problems with that, it has already been 7 years in the making, which of like 8 months have been active So not rushing to get it finished but planning to have it running before the end of this year.
  13. Yes, unfortunately that´s the pace I get to work with, now I´m waiting on my friend to return so I could try everything on but as it turned out, he´ll be back on thursday but that day I´ll be working till morning and so days turn to weeks and somehow a month goes by with no progress. Still planning to finish it
  14. After a long time away from the garage I finally got a change to visit my coworker´s place, now I got the more demanding parts done. I hade to make two spacers for the back wheel and he welded my aluminium brake pedal to work with this build. Still have to drill the hole for it but otherwise should be all set-up. The swingarm also needed some changes for the support bracket to fit so just added some welds there and gut it to shape. A few weeks ago also got my hands on a set of used Dunlop D803, going to use them with a tube but they´re definetly going to be an upgrade to these old stiff mx tyres.
  15. It is and it actually should be! (from factory) But there´s even less room for the chain that way so I thought outside works also.