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  1. I too, recently came to trials after road and enduro riding. First thing to strike me was how friendly and helpful trials folk are... patient, welcoming and approachable. I'd suggest you join your local Club, which in association with the ACU, will run regular events and practice days, offering as much riding time as you can muster, for a meagre joining and entry fee (long gone are the days of me shelling-out £65 for an enduro practice day!). Also, don't discount the importance of practicing slow riding in a limited space set-up (driveway/garden area), which really does help in adjusting to the low speed bike handling skills so important for trials riding. Oh yeah, and never EVER, discount the abilities of the flat-cap wearing, pipe smoking pre-65/twinshock/classic brigade... seeing how certain members of that contingent can handle a trials bike really is believing. Have fun and keep the faith.
  2. Cota 247 Motoplat Ignition Set-Up... Clueless!

    Thanks again Keychange, I'll give that a try. TBH, its going to be an engine strip and rebuild next - I've tried the 'make do and mend' approach, which hasn't exactly proved fruitful, so best to bite the bullet and get properly stuck-in from here on. Cheers for your help, encouragement and guidance... all greatly appreciated.
  3. Cota 247 Motoplat Ignition Set-Up... Clueless!

    Filled gearbox and clutch with new fluids in readiness for the BIG EVENT (getting the useless heap of cr*p started), only for everything to leak out of various cracks and poor weld repairs in the RHS crankcase! It seems that the closer I look, the more issues I find... can only imagine the life this poor fella has had! That's me and the Mont done... back to being a rather expensive and not particularly functional, garage shelf! Over and out.
  4. Jotagas 2013 Parts

    Ahh, OK. Thanks for the info.
  5. Cota 247 Motoplat Ignition Set-Up... Clueless!

    Since fitted a new coil and Venhill decompression mechanism... spark still appears weak and no joy with starting (although the kicking process is much less barbaric with the decomp)! Electrex electronic ignition about to meet 70's Spanish metal - I'll update as and when! I was considering digging an 8' deep pit out the garden and throwing £20 notes into it - but I'll save myself the hassle and throw myself and the Cota in if the Electrex fails to evoke life (with the Missus filling in the hole shortly thereafter). Peace!
  6. Jotagas 2013 Parts

    +1 any feedback on sourcing those parts... did you contact Border Bikes?
  7. Cota 247 Motoplat Ignition Set-Up... Clueless!

    Still a Work in Progress, but I'm getting there. Success will likely, see me cartwheeling nekkid along the A48 - wearing nowt but my Hebo trials boots and a stupid grin!
  8. Cota 247 Gear Selection

    Thanks, that would be greatly appreciated. I've tried sending a PM, but the system states that your profile does not accept messages. If you PM me your email address, I can reply accordingly. Cheers.
  9. Cota 247 Gear Selection

    Thanks Keychange - I'll need to check on the chassis/engine numbers as I don't have them to hand. As an aside, where did you source the 247 manual? I have a VERY rough pdf version, but it looks like its been scanned and copied a milliion times and is virtually unusable? Cheers.
  10. Cota 247 Gear Selection

    Apologies for coming across as a bit of a Doofus, but my 21M Cota 247 (underslung clutch arm), only seems to have 4 selectable ratios in its 'box. Was this MY a 4-speed (can't find anythng definitive via Google), or is the fact that there's nothing above 4th, representative of another bodge-up by the PO, requiring further time and cash? Thanks in advance.
  11. Cota 247 Motoplat Ignition Set-Up... Clueless!

    Happy 2018 everyone! Can't believe how time has flown since my last post on the 247 non-start saga - with the 2018 season well underway and the UK weather looking positively Mediterranean (I wish!), curiosity got the better of me yesterday, resulting in me removing the old bedsheet thats been covering the Mont since last November. Feeling a mixture of dread and optimism in equal measure (dread from past experiences and optimism courtesy of Heineken), I've decided to have another crack at getting 'TOBY' (The Old ******* from Yesteryear), started and commissioned for the season ahead. New ignition coil beckons, failing which, it'll be either an electronic ignition upgrade + rebuild, or electronic ignition upgrade only, depending upon whether it does the trick or not and if it does, how things sound looking in from the outside. Wish me luck.
  12. Running issue

    Glad you've managed to sort the problem - I had a similar issue with stalling off the choke, which turned out to be a blocked pilot jet (they're tiny). Once disassembled, cleaned (Holts carb cleaner) and blown through (air), the bike ran like a dream... lovely steady idle and clean responsive pick-up on the throttle.
  13. Why isn’t everyone riding Jotagas??

    Could be either, depending upon riding style and ability. Let's be honest, how many of us are able to rag the ass off a GasGas 300 in the snot of a typical UK venue (or the dry, for that matter)?
  14. Why isn’t everyone riding Jotagas??

    Good to know that the Factory responded to your enquiry. As stated previously, with the Factory open and running, plus their decent network of dealers/importers, there's nothing of cause for concern here. Happy 2018 JotaGas and here's to a brilliant season (and beyond), for employees and customers alike. Still, IMO one of the tastiest looking trials bikes available and not too shabby in the performance department, either.
  15. Why isn’t everyone riding Jotagas??

    The official Jotagas website lists a selection of dealers and distributors, based principally within Europe, but also in Australlia, Japan and the USA. I'd hazzard that parts would be freely available from the majority of these without too much trouble, which combined with interchangeably between model years, should cater for most instances - even when the requirement is for something specific/less common. I guess we're spoiled here in the UK with a comprehensive dealer/distributor network covering all of the main manufacturers and whilst there's no doubting that JG do things a little differently, surely there's no harm in that... credit to them for challenging convention. I plan on running my JT300 for the 2018 season and beyond at Club level, which no doubt, will test the durability of the bike and the parts supply chain in equal measure - I'll keep the site updated of progress but can't wait to get out there on something a little different and less mainstream.