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  1. Awesome! My van will be the same shape as yours then dabster so that’s great to hear thanks for that !
  2. Yeah the newer shape is bigger. Is yours a short wheel base? To be honest I’ll probably onl ever need to fit one bike in so it will be fine !
  3. Does anyone know if you can get two bikes in with the bulkhead still in? Or does it need to be removed? Chopping my car in simply to save money and got a really good offer on a 2013 combo.. will most likely only ever put one bike in as I trial with family so I’ll only use it to transport my bike back home for servicing occasionally. May possibly need to fit two bikes in if we all decide to go to different trials!! Anyone got any experience?
  4. I think it's only worth getting a high spec one though if your really interested in cycle trials as well though... I'm on mine everyday and it will last years so it's not bad value
  5. Just to throw a spanner in the works.. i bought a cheap second hand trials cycle to practise balance and turns whilst at home and can't use the motorbike. Didn't really improve much but wanted to get better. So I bit the bullet and traded it in for a much more expensive bike and my progression has gone through the roof I can hop on the back wheel wherever hop up 3 pallets high pedal kick up stuff and everywhere 180 spins ect in such a short period of time. Its definitely helped my balance and limited trick riding skills on the motorbike and it's great fun and I've gotten a lot fitter on the trials cycle which helps on the motorbike heap loads !
  6. Hi all, Does anyone else get stuff fingers and knees after riding a lot? I've only been riding a few months so I'm kind of hoping it's something my body's just getting used to. It only happens after a few days of hard practise/trials. I tend to practice once or twice a week and have one maybe two trials a week also. I think a lot of it may be coming from practicing on my trials push bike in between.. first my fingers feel a bit stiff in the morning maybe my knees then if I practice again the next morning my fingers get that lock kind of feeling when I'm moving them. It doesn't effect anything other than being sore and annoying. I find I have to give it 2 days rest to feel back to normal at that stage. I think they are lasting longer before they get sore again so hopefully it will ease itself so I can practice until my girlfriend moans at me haha! Im only 25 and I've never had this problem until I started trials riding so I doubt it's arthirits. Anyone else? Any tips if you've had it to overcome or deal with it?
  7. I got the bike! Its fantastic, so smooth at the bottom end but it's got a lot more go in all the gears than the scorpa. Everything on the new bikes is far superior and I definitely made the right choice with the beta. Had a go on a 14 sherco after that had a flywheel weight and slow action but it was no way near as smooth as the beta! Perfect bike for a newbie
  8. Thanks for your opinions guys! My grandad reckons it could be a decent bike to get, and he's been riding for years. So I've pretty much made up my mind if it's decent on test ride I'm having it !! Not many people can say a lampkin had this bike before me either haha!! I'm excited now
  9. I'm not worried about the price or loss on depreciation. I've lost more on car depreciation in a year than a new trials bike. Im not made of money or ready to throw hard earned cash away and I know I could use the old scorpa all the way to expert and probably beyond.. but... let's be honest it's nice having a new bike and it would be even nicer spending a grand less! I have no kids and my girlfriend earns good money so I'm lucky to have disposable income at the min so I was thinking why not
  10. I think saving a grand for a bike that's been ridden like a casual rider for a years worth is pretty decent though? Do you think? I mean I'm saving 1/5 and I will be selling it in a year/ 2 years most anyway so instead of losing 3 grand I'd just be losing 2 grand on depreciation as it's still a 2017 and the next person doesn't need to know it's ridden a Scottish haha!! Although having a bike owned by a lampkin is pretty cool non the less! Seen as it's been serviced and they will set it up for me I'm 90% sure on having it now unless anyone can persuade me otherwise !! apreciate the opinions though guys
  11. It's just the standard 250 evo model not the factory. I was surprised at that too because I would have thought all the experts would have 300 factory models... Why do they sell the bikes post ssdt though? I would have thought they'd just ride them for the rest of the year surely unless the Scottish nails the bikes.
  12. Thanks for the replies guys. DMc sorry I'm new to the game I thought the scot was the Scottish 6 day. The only thing that was putting me off really is the mileage through the moors it's like 100 miles a day right? I was just trying to figure if it's worth taking the risk for a grand less plus as dan says the lampkins would surely have had it in fine fettle throughout
  13. Hey guys I'm after a bit of advice. Im fairly new to trials. Been riding 4 months on one of the first scorpa SY models 250. Which is my grandads old bike that I just borrowed to get into it. Its fair to say I'm well and truly addicted. I practice 2 times a week and then trial as much as possible Saturday Sunday wherever. When I'm not on the motorbike I'm hoping around on a trials push bike so my learning curve has been pretty steep. I'm a mid table clubman rider now and improving week by week so that's a basic idea of my brief trials history! I know the old old scorpa would probably take me all the way to expert level and I do like it apart from the clutch is so snappy compared to all the others I've rode. But I know I'm a trials rider for as long as I can do it now and I want a modern bike.. Tried a few beta gas gas sherco ect ect and I found the beta to be the nicest maybe just because the guy set it up perfectly or what I don't know. Anyway heres my question before i ramble on all night. There's a beta evo 2017 at inch perfect for sale that's in immaculate condition and a grand cheaper than buying a new one. However apparently the guy who had it was James lampkin to ride the scot.. obviously he's a quality rider and hardly dropped any so there's nothing visually wrong with the bike but I'm a bit worried as to why the top boys get a bike for the scot then get rid. Is it because they nail them and wear them out? The guy at inch perfect seems knowledgable but obviously he's a salesman as well as a trials rider. He rid the scot this year and assured me it was dry and he's a good rider and would have looked after it.. that's literally all the bikes done he's serviced it said he will put a flywheel weight and slow action throttle on for me ect. I'm not short for cash but it would be nice to save a grand! Any thoughts?? Seem like a good deal??