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  1. Thanks for all the input, much appreciated. 2stroke4stroke yeah I would definitly like to see the training regime if you still have it knocking around. I know physical fitness is going to probably be the biggest challenge of it for me so the sooner I start training for bigger lap trials then 2 3 day events and hopefully finally the ssdt! There’s no way I could do it next year I get tired after some closed circuit trials in the midlands ?... i might try and get on the long mynd next year ?? I know it can be hard to get in
  2. Started trials at 24 - so I’m only doing it for fun but I would like to compete some prestigious trials in a few years to come (been riding a year and a bit) i definitly want to have a go In the ssdt. Don’t really care if I come last as long as I finish;) what sort of a standard do I need to be riding at to comfortably finish the trial?? Is there any other trials that are a good indicator if I’m ready? Won’t be for at least another few years but it’s nice to have goals !!
  3. Thanks very much for all the insight guys! I’m going to have a play around with it all day today so I will definitly be sure to use that information. I think I definitly need to turn down the dampening because it’s too slow on the rebound and ‘eats up’ all the energy I’ve put into it. It also bottoms out far too easy and sumps a lot easier than the beta I was riding too so I’m going to try and sort the ride height out first. thanks again!
  4. what Do people find is the optimal suspension setup? More rebound means easier to hop/ jump zap up stuff I guess? But more dampening would be better for overall grip? How do people like factory kev set them up? I know it’s a seriously hard question without actually physically showing me but any opinions would be good because I have zilch experience setting up suspension Thanks!
  5. I started on an old scorpa Sy but my first bike was a 250 beta. It’s been good to me the majority of the time and it’s very slow at the bottom end of 1st and second which is good for beginners. Switching to gas gas for the better suspension/ lighter feel. Truth is they are all pretty good and all have there quirks just go with the one you fancy as you can set everything up to your liking after. You won’t get a good idea if you like it on a test ride imo too short you need a whole day or even few days on one
  6. Alright thanks for the advice we never start them after washing so we will now .. until the fan kicks in ?
  7. What’s the general consensus on jet washing? Heard some people say it’s fine and some people say it can push water into places you don’t want water going in such as bearings.
  8. Sounds like you’ve had good experiences too! Awesome, thanks for the info
  9. I hate queuing! I don’t really enjoy lots of people watching either to be fair ? don’t know how leaniant they are at other trials but I usually skip sections that have big ques and do them last. Last ride out I managed to do a whole lap and the people I ride with were still queuing at the same section haha. I find it ruins my flow and I get bored and not focused and just start dabbing here there and everywhere if there’s big ques and loads of people watching ?
  10. I don’t think I’m clicking it out of gear, I think it’s just not in gear properly but it doesn’t jump out immediately Like how I got almost to the top of a bank then it decides it’s not in gear properly ?.
  11. Yeah I’ve booked a 1 to 1 with Stu so I’ll pick his brains as much as I can and he will definitely help in some way. Hopefully inspire a bit of confidence too! Nigel I agree with you there, that’s one thing I’ve really noticed recently as I’m starting to hop and move the bike around with body weight more rather than just standing on it. It takes it out of me so quick.. I guess it’s just a matter of practice practice practice and the fitness will come..
  12. Okay so it seems to happen regularly to me that my bike jumps out of second into neutral. It’s happened in a couple of sections and yesterday when I was at the top of a hill.. which lead to a painful crash. I’m always very wary of really clicking it up into second from first.. Is this a beta problem or just something on my bike. It doesn’t seem to happen to anyone else ? im thinking of swapping it in for a gas gas anyway ?
  13. Yeah I definitely still need to work on the basics.. cambers and banks going up and down... For trials results anyway. But also messing around trying to do splats is half the fun so why not ?
  14. justjosh9

    Beta back brake

    Okay First I will try to clean the disk and change the pads and if I get no joy with that I’ll see if there’s any air in the system ? I’ll have to mess around with it to see how to adjust the set up because I have no idea unless there’s any good videos out there?
  15. justjosh9

    Beta back brake

    It’s safe to say the rear break on my 2017 evo is rubbish. Pads are fine there’s loads left. It will break hard if I really stamp on it but there just isn’t much feel there. Had a go on a few other bikes and the rear breaks on those are far superior. Any fixes?
  16. Thanks for the opinions guys. I think I’ll try Stu first he seems to have good rep and hes nearby ??
  17. Yeah I agree with the set up of the bike that could be really beneficial. Yeah most likely I’m doing a few things wrong with what I do... body position etc..
  18. I ride clubman in the midlands but struggle sometimes. I’ve been riding 9 months now. It’s the techniques I want to refine... jap zap splat etc
  19. And yeah deffo 1 to 1 I can’t see a group class improving my riding too much although ive been riding less than a year ..
  20. I’m in the West Midlands but I can travel anywhere really.. Well I’m hoping a few training days will improve my riding.. technique and also bike set up knowledge quicker than without. Well I hope so or there wouldn’t be much point in these training days ? cool thanks for that madmostin I may book in with stu then ?
  21. Title says it all really.. What does everyone think who’s the best to go to for some training ? Inch perfect? Stu day ? I know Dabill does some training sometimes .. Plan on having a good training day on my birthday while everyone’s working ?
  22. Some 300’s are pretty smooth out the box which some people like. Especially the ones designed to be like the beta SS 300. I don’t really see much point in getting a 300 and then adding a slow action I’ll only go up to a 300 if/when I start needing the extra power to launch the bike up bigger rocks. It also depends on the riders weight as well I guess.. if they are heavy the 300 will feel like a 250 ?
  23. Anyone riding electric bikes at trials yet? Are they reliable enough ? I reckon they might be decent to practice around on in the garden.. Especially if the second hand ones drop to just a couple of grand and are sturdy enough to last a few years it could be a lot of fun.. every night ! Then on the real machine at the weekend
  24. My beta evo 250 starts so easily... it’s also left kick start!
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