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  1. Bought a pair of Clice gloves 2 months ago, done 4 trials and a few practices and they have fallen apart pretty poor really. good fit and comfortable just rubbish construction. Any recommendations what to get next.
  2. Hey dont worry about other people Trials is about challenging yourself. I am still woefull but enjoy it to much. There are always a few people about that should move up. Just pracdtice practice and never be ashamed of asking for or taking advice.
  3. Does anyone know the name and number of the place that will rewind my stator? Many Thanks
  4. Got an 07 270 and after washing the bike it started fine. Tried today and nothing, no spark nought. I didnt think the stator was a problem on this late a model. Removed the light is the only thing I have done bar the washing. Any one got any ideas? How do you check to see if the stator is or isnt working. Thanks people.
  5. You could try the shop in Betws y Coed, cant remember the name but it is behind Rock Bottom.
  6. Having a knee footpeg interface yesterday that left me hobbling about and in real pain what do people do to protect there knees. Any tips or recomendations gratefully received.
  7. I want to put my Scorpa up for sale on the classifieds but it seems to have gone a bit t*ts up. Wants a different password from my normal one and hasn't sent me anything to my e mail address. Am I being terminaly stupid. Site controll say they dont have anything to do with that part of the site. Save me I dont want to go down the Flea Bay route.
  8. Does anyone know what is the size of a standard rear sprocket on a 2007 Beta 270?? Also how can you tell the difference between a quick action and slow action Donino throttle, I am sure one has a white body and one is balck but which way round is it. Thanks mon amigos
  9. Ooops yes its a tubeless rim Scorpa 07.
  10. As the title says, what do I need to do? Do I need a rimlock what about the valve? Been up for 5 hours already today so please make replies as simple to follow as possible
  11. Really dont like riding in gloves, suffering for it now with a black thorn splinter in my finger that has gone septic. Anyone else not wear gloves, looking around at my last trial I seemed to be in a distinct minority.
  12. Thanks to all from the Gwent Schoolboy club who ran the trial at Clearwater, observers and organisers. I rode with my usual mix of incompetence and stupidity but had a great day. Thanks to all.
  13. Just want to say thanks for putting on such a fun event yesterday, I rode with my usual mix of incompetence and idiocy but still had a fantastic time. Thanks to all for organising and observing. See you at the next one.
  14. Quality footwear
  15. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo