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  1. The 250f bottom out bumper(rubber) is prone to disintergrating. The fragments get in the shock valve stack and makes the suspension very loose. with little comression and rebound damping. It can be repaired but the shock body has to be replaced to do it.
  2. So promote the crosstraining. Put on a trials sat afternoon or evening before a hare scramble or off road event. Have a trials "Class" the day before a local hare scramble event. Get (Buy) the gncc, worcs, ama offroad mailing list. Have a free class and test ride day at a local event. Trials clubs buy a used bike and promote it's use by first timers. A fleet of small bikes? Have a "Free ride day" at a club trials. Bring a newbie and ride for free. Shere your bike, tightwad. So I read the "thinking outside of the box" post and Dale stole my ideas, a couple of weeks before I even thought them.
  3. How long before they cripple street bike tommy? The van looks like our economy as the new policies unfold.
  4. The price of trials bikes will be of little consequence, with land closure bills like this just being voted on in the senate.Senate bill S22Detail showing affected areasScroll down to see all of them! 1300 pages of crap= save the planet, keep everyone out! In an unusual move they worked through sunday to get it passed.
  5. Thats a good interveiw, light and flowing. The fact gestapo definately busted him on accuracy. But who cares, no claim of the greatest of all time, just bs'n. That is what thats called, isn't it? Just a good read.
  6. JMck, The STRA Blairsville and Corneilia rounds would be good candidates for dual sanction. The STRA bus meeting is Jan 31 in Cartersville, GA. You will need to lobby your points to those reluctant to add new events and ideas. As is tradition.
  7. Hensley, I was living in tallahassee fl. I look back and wonder how I did it. I wasn't much older than my 12 year old. My mother would drive me to the sellers houses, I was a paperboy and watched the crap for sale. So I took my paperboy money bought junk and I would hang them out the back of the lemans for the ride home. Cool! I tore up a lot of stuff. But I learned alot of what you couldn't do.
  8. Lets see; Rupp minibike 74 RD60 JT1 Mini enduro Harley 125 rapidio ($20 in box) YL1 Bridgestone 100 (another box) Harley SX175 Mongomery Wards 125 (Ducati) Superhawk 305 TM125 TS185 RD400 IT175 77 CR125 77 CR/XL 125 XR200 82 CB125 S2 350 Kaw DT125 1980 H2 Kaw YZ250 1980 S1 250 kaw KX125 81 VF500 84 CB400F CB400A 1978 CB900F XR350 1985 XR250 1986 YZ125 1990 YZ125 1975 XR350 again DT50 1990 YZ125 1998 YZ250 1979 TTR250 2000 YZ250F 2001 WR250F 2001 WR250F 2003 YZ125 2005 Sherco 125 2005 Beta 125 2007 YZ450 2008 Not all I've owned, but all I've spent time riding.
  9. Dude! We elect "closet" muslims!
  10. Shouldn't that read "Fastest imigrating religous group into the UK"?
  11. It looks like a "Bubba Scrub". Or should I say a "Robin Dichter Scrub". Was he the first to ditch seat foam?
  12. I am failing to be humorous
  13. Atom, I think I misquoted you. I believe you said "oh @&$" which proves your pure athe ist heart, er... Brain. So when you tell your woman you love her, is it with "all your heart" or "all your brain"? Actually Atom, you were the only one giggling like a school girl on the trip. No religion and no fear!
  14. Atom, I thought you were a beliver? On the way up to Lampkin Falls I believe I heard you call on him(OH God!). And I know you had "faith" you would make it. Could religion lead to an enlightened mind? At one time conventional wisdom said the earth was flat. Now its round. Every time you think you know everything, everything changes. Tell me you never prayed for something to work out, just this one time.
  15. I am in no way defending the "good ol boys". However, The good ol boys didn't bankrupt ahrma. That was done by a roadracing team with money, that vowed to break ahrma. (probably because of aforementioned "good ol boys")And even though ahrma was vindicated in court it left them with no alternative but bankruptcy. There seem to be a lot of organizations run by dinasours, in need of house cleaning, federal govt included. And no the election has not ended the grazing.