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  1. Your bike (and all modern Beta 2-strokes) with the plastic inserts have full circle crankshaft flywheels. The plastic bits on each crank flywheel are there to increase the crankcase compression ratio. Be very careful with them, as they are not available separately and if you damage one you will have to buy a new crankshaft. That said, there is nothing different in the procedure for rebuilding your crankshaft than any other 2-stroke crankshaft around today.
  2. It's not too late to sign up for the school this weekend, and we have a couple of spots left. The weather looks like it's going to be great, so come on down to Shelby!
  3. Glad you found the info! The fork information that you are referring to (45/50mm Marzocchi) is for the Enduro bikes, not the trials bikes. Some technical data about your forks (fork oil quantity, viscosity, etc.), can be found in the owners manual, and the part numbers for all of the bits are in the Trials parts diagrams. I THINK that your 2005 forks take the same amount of oil and viscosity as do the 2008 forks (the trials owner manuals only go back to 2008 on the Beta site), so you should be ok starting with those specs.
  4. You can download a complete Beta 2T engine service manual from the 'Support' tab on the American Beta website. Granted, it is for the 2009 to 2012 Evo engine but they are so similar this manual will work fine. That said, if you have no experience in rebuilding a 2-stroke engine, and lack the few special tools needed to do so, perhaps you should locate a shop or qualified mechanic that might allow you watch whilst they strip, clean, inspect, and reassemble the engine for you this time. The Beta is a very well designed, simple, robust, engine that with proper care will run quite happily for years.
  5. The third annual MTR, Ryan Young Trials school is scheduled for 9 & 10 March, 2013! The cost this year is $150.00 per student, which includes two full days of instruction by Ryan himself, lunch both days, and free camping at Tom Tschant's beautiful property in Shelby, NC. Tom has a spacious heated shop with showers, restroom facilities, TV, the works! Roll out a sleeping bag in the shop or stay in one of the local Hotels close by. The class is limited to the first 20 students to sign up; If interested, please send a deposit or the full amount to: Janet McKenzie, reference the 2013 MTR Ryan Young Trials school 5851 Weddington Rd. Concord, NC 28027 (704) 906-3238 For more information, please contact Jim McKenzie, (704) 906-3238, or email at: competitionwheels@gmail.com. You can view the sign-up sheet at: http://metrolinatrials.com Keep your feet up, hope to see you in March!
  6. Still have a couple of spots open if anyone is interested...
  7. We struggled for along time to come up with the fees that we did, but by the time you add up all of the costs for scorecards, tape, loop markers, insurance, charter fees, website expenses, etc., etc. we are barely breaking even at that. The economy (or the lack thereof) has hit our area particulary hard, and with the cost of gas sometimes we only get 7 or 8 riders per event, and we lose money on them. I believe that we need to have 12 or so riders show up to break even, and everything after that goes into the account to carry us on. We are doing what we can to get more people and ride, but it's tough. Gas money and hotel expenses aren't as easy to come by for most of us right now, and I know that affects our turnout. Even the motocross clubs here are hurting; no more 400 - 450 rider turnouts lately, sometimes lucky to get 150 riders.
  8. We are a small trials club near Charlotte NC, and have aligned ourselves with Bob Ginder and ITSA for the last two years, and are very happy with how they do business. The insurance has the same coverage as he AMA does, and is about a third cheaper. We charge $25.00 for MTR / ITSA club members and $35.00 for non-members per event. We like the ITSA rule structure and have a pretty wide array of motorcycles at our events, and ITSA has a place for everyone. We had our first MTR / ITSA Regional Championship series last year with nine events and had a great time. Our trialsmasters offer lines for both modern and twinshock riders. We plan on the same format for this year too. We are holding our 2nd annual Ryan Young Trials school next month, and ITSA provides the insurance for the schools as well. Jim McKenzie President, Metrolina Trials Riders
  9. As of today, there are only nine spots left for the school on 3 & 4 March this year. If you are interested in taking this class, please get your deposits in ASAP to secure a spot in the class.
  10. In our club, the Metrolina Trials Riders, we had our first ITSA Regaional Championship this year and had a blast doing it. A couple of our guys are asking about having a 'no-stop' event to see how everyone likes it, but ITSA rules are not in favor of it. In our club, the Metrolina Trials Riders, we had our first ITSA Regaional Championship this year and had a blast doing it. A couple of our guys are asking about having a 'no-stop' event to see how everyone likes it, but ITSA rules are not in favor of it.
  11. Hi Alan, No, we still have 12 open spots. There is a LOT of interest, and at least 10 people have vowed to get deposits in within the next two weeks. There is still several months untill the school, and I am certain it will sell out before then.
  12. Thanks Glenn! We appreciate your support and all that you do for the club. It's going to be a great class (again!).
  13. Hey Folks, This years Ryan Young trials school was such a huge success that we are offering it again in 2012! The two-day event will be held on 3 & 4 March, 2012 at Tom Tschantz's beautiful property in Shelby NC. (the same site of this year's class). The cost is $200.00 per student; MTR is providing lunch both days for the students at no charge and a 2012 RY class T-shirt too! Class size is limited to 20 students, so if you are interested in attending, get your deposit in ASAP! For this class, we are accepting a non-refundable $100.00 deposit with the rest of the payment due no later than two weeks prior to the event date. Hopefully this will make it a little easier instead of having to come up with the full amount to reserve a spot in the class. Tom has a very nice heated shop with a shower and TV and he is offering free camping in the shop for anyone interested in saving some money on hotel bills! More information can be found by visiting the MTR website at: http://metrolinatrials.com/, or by giving either Keith Bell at (919 454-1060) or me at (704 906-3238) a call if you have any questions. Jim McKenzie
  14. I believe I know what you are talking about, and the fork tube "rake" is controlled by the triple-clamps/steering stem. No production twinshock trials bike that I am aware of has an adjustable steering stem so the triple-clamp rake angle is held constant. Some KTM models have an adjustable 2 degree offset steering stem, but the rake is held constant. It's quite possible that one manufacturer or more has in the past built a trials bike with a "raked" triple-clamp but I have been a motorcycle mechanic for over 35 years and have owned two bike shops, one currently, and I have never seen one nor have seen in a service manual that dimension being called out. I am in the process now of designing my own twinshock chassis's, and have a fairly large database of chassis geometry numbers, so if you know of a particular trials bike that has a "raked" triple clamp I would be very interested in seeing the numbers.
  15. I have measured a 1975 TY-250, a 1981 Bultaco Sherpa T, a 1973 Montesa Cota 123, a 1976 Montesa Cota 348, a 2009 Beta Evo-125, a 2010 Beta Evo 250 4-T, a 2006 Sherco 2.9, and a 2009 Gas Gas 125, and on all of them the triple-clamps are 100% parallel with the steering axis.
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