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  1. Hey all, anybody know if a bike will fit in the VW Touran? Got a bike, got a Touran, not had time to work out the answer. Cheers in advance Martyn
  2. And don't bother with the coolant if you only loose it!
  3. Kill Switch?
  4. Hi does anybody know the bearing code for the beta 4t paioli rear shock bearings. Can't bring myself to pay £31 each from fleabay. cheers in advance Martyn
  5. Hi all,does anybody have or know where i can get a copy of a Beta 4t wiring diagram. Cheers in advance Martyn
  6. Problem now sorted,had to step it up to a 2lb lump hammer and a 3/8 socket set extension. 6 or 7 big licks, and hey presto, job done.
  7. Hi guys, help and advice needed with seized bolt, the nut came off the spindle easy so i'm thinking my lucks in, should have know better,spindle/bolt stuck as tight a a knats @rsehole. i've so far tried lots of wd40 and an impact wrench to no avail. Cheers in advance (2008 beta rev 4)
  8. Cheers will give him a call
  9. Hi all, Does anybody have a manual/parts list for the montesa 248 or know where i can get one. Cheers Martyn
  10. Cheers twinshocknut
  11. Hi all,Can anybody explain how to insert photos into a topic? Cheers in advance.
  12. Cheers gazzaecowarrior
  13. Standard NGKCR7EB Or Any recomendations on a standard setup? Cheers in advance.
  14. sounds like you just answered your own question Ben
  15. Cheers already found them. And the link works.