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  1. I don't know if i've dreamt it....but is there a landrover bush that fits the TY? swing arm??
  2. I've been told the barrel,head,gudgeon pin bushes and spacer are original shirty,i put a new piston and rings etc in,which are dt250mx,the piston needed 5mm taking off the skirt,and the headgasket needed tweeking.I aim to start it sometime soon..............when i get over the first kick nerves!
  3. I've just completed a 200 conversion on a TY175,anyone out there got sugestions on carb size so i can get the most out of the bike,also dimentions for swing arm lengthening and shock reposition.Cheers.Chris
  4. Hey anyone out there got info on how to convert a 175 to 200? i've been told there could be a couple of ways? I've access to a machine shop,just need to know the best way and what parts to use.Cheers.Pat
  5. Try Yambits in Boroughbridge,they also deal on evilbay
  6. Ordered one today from tytrials
  7. Got the beastie up and running,fork seals done,oil pump disconnected,got an issue with the clutch though,there is too much play at the lever,i've adjusted as per manual but it's still sloppy.....any advice?
  8. Hey,got mine from trialsbits,about
  9. Hi there,i've just bought my first TY,it's a 125 and i want to know lots of stuff about them...... mix ratio,tyre pressures and any "normal" problems mods etc.Ta.
  10. Anyone in the York area seen th front page of The Press......York police have recovered what seems to be an '04 315 Mont,white plastics,blue forks....any help to anybody??
  11. Halfords would love having a proper bike in for once ! i've used the paint on a mont and my helmet..not a bad match,cos its quite bright
  12. Have a look at Humbrol gloss red model enamel paint..might be a near match?
  13. Hey,which is the best way to soften an 04 pro? a head spacer,or 2 bottom gaskets? Cheers.
  14. I used a 12mm rawlbolt and slide hammer to pull mine out
  15. Take a look at ASA140 chain,you wouldn't get a dnf!