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  1. Hi Bongo - I can only echo what's been said as I ride a 250 Rev 4T. Brilliant bike to get to grips with the sport (I'm returning after a 25 year break!!!). Plenty of power and, being 4 stroke, more accessible compared to a 2 stroke where you end to need to keep it on the boil. In short - an ideal intro bike that will serve you well as you progress in ability
  2. Looks strangely familiar ;-)
  3. Hi pobear - sorry for the (ahem) late reply! We're back over at Christmas. I think you might have bumped into my father in law in the meantime? Hope to be bringing the bike over with me so who knows, may even meet up for a ride!
  4. Just to say a big THANKS to Outlaw Dave for the instructions - very much appreciated Sir!
  5. Best bet on the modern bikes (to a tighter budget) would be a Scorpa SY240 longride or a Beta Rev with the extended tank/seat. I saw a longride Scorpa go for this sort of money recently on eBay. Scorpas will probably give you the most bang for buck at this price. Beta's with the extended tanks are thinner on the ground it seems. I've only seen one - and I bought it! Failing that, you're really looking at auxilliary tanks (like the Hebo) but that won't solve the seat issue!
  6. I am in the UK Thing is, my bike is road registered and it's more convenient to ride to the local practice areas than to take the bike there on the bike rack. I'm sure you'll agree that carrying fuel in a tank made for the purpose is a hell of a lot safer than having it on your back in this regard. The Beta tank holds a further 4 litres of fuel and has a decent seat. Once fitted, you can remove it in very short order (2 mins or so), but riding with it empty feels much the same as the stock bike apparently. Here's a pic:
  7. Awesome - thanks Dave! Have sent you an email accordingly.
  8. Hi guys, Knowing that our US (and Canadian) counterparts tend to use their bikes for longer trips, I was hoping a post here might generate some useful replies! Basically, I managed to get hold of the Beta long range tanks/seat unit for my '07 Rev 3 4T - but no fitting instructions. If anyone has fitted such a thing to their bike, or even better has the fitting instructions, a walkthrough of how it goes on would be much appreciated. The Beta factory is closed for the whole of August, so I'm left a bit stumped for now. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the info. It sounds like a similar setup even though yours was for an Evo I guess and mine's for a Rev. The front I get, you bolt the 'loop' to the front of the tank, then use the long gas cap to attach it to the original tank (the original gas cap then gets used on the long range tank). It's the fittings at the rear under the seat (with the exception of the sides) that are a bit of a mystery? There are 3 captive nuts under the tank at the rear which must attach to something in the airbox area? I managed to find a description on trialsnuts which talked about a long top shock bolt and an extended airbox mounting bolt which have captive threads in them. I have a couple of bits in the packet of bolts that appear to fit this description, but no real idea of how they are fitted (worth mentioning that I haven't had the bike in bits yet). Unfortunately, the factory is closed for August and Lampkins don't have any instructions readily available. I don't suppose there's any chance of taking a shot or scanning the instructions you used and sending them to me (or post here)? Thanks again for your help!!! I'll be sure to post a 'how to' guide to save others the hasssle
  10. I ended up just hanging it from the mudguard with a cable tie, test duly passed
  11. Just got hold of one of these second hand for my '07 4T, but unfortunately it came with no fitting instructions. Can anyone who's fitted one shed any light on how it fits to the bike? Ta
  12. Bike in for an MOT tomorrow and trying to work out how best to attach the plate? I have a legal (9"x7") plate and a smaller plate for off road use. The MOT tester is pretty off-road friendly, so hopefully they'll cut me some slack in this regard. Looking at the rear mudguard (Beta Rev 3 4T) , I can't see it taking the weight of the standard plate without dropping it onto the tyre. I guess I'll have to make up a bracket and secure it to the top of the mudguard where the plastic is a bit more substantial. Any other ideas?
  13. Well, for reference they're not interested. Went for MSM's scheme which covers me for competition too - great service so far from them too.
  14. Hi John - just about to embark on the same exercise. Assuming you have done it by now any pointers?
  15. Whilst i have other bikes insured with e-bike and they list the Beta in their bike list, for some reason they won't insure my Beta? Just wondering whether anyone else has managed to insure a Beta with them? Ta