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  1. sixth post down item taken from dirt bike magazine editorial "from the saddle" (aka Super Hunky) one of the true dirt biker legends. there is a book he wrote a lot of his stories makes for good reading the book is called "Monkey Butt" will make you appreciate all of your past dirt bike woes or problems.
  2. Yes,please bring the aircooled mono"s as well.......I just want to see more vintage class riders. I'm not saying saying we have to make another line as far as the sections go......... just add something nasty at the end (large rock,log or vertical climb or drop off) and if you don't want to try ride the last obstacle,be humble and take a "five". see ya at the next rio event (too broke to hit the full state series...maybe buisness will pick up and I might be able to hit one round) dgraf.
  3. okay updated my profile 1. I already ride vintage expert. 2. I see you ride with the austin club. 3. If you own the white Montesa you beat me by 6 points at Rio Bravo. 4. the original line was stolen from a Dirt Bike magazine editorial "From the Saddle"(Super Hunky) " I worked on the Maico all night......nothing was left to chance.......spokes were drilled for lightness etc etc. 5. No I'm not trying to make anyone mad, but if anyone might be interested for a "vintage masters class" without the "no stop rule " I'm in. just trying to get some rider input about this. Thanks again.
  4. just curious, what is the most difficult line for twinshock....... maybe I'm getting old, but many moons ago I seem to recall expert or master class was quite a challenge to ride, I love riding vintage class but sometimes I wish for nastier sections. No I don't have the money for a modern bike, however the modern sections are a little much to splater on old school bikes(weight) anyone else feel this way? I have done most of the mods I can (i.e. drilled spokes for lightness).....unless someone wants to donate a "peril kt250 frame. not too sincerly yours dgraf
  5. not me damn it,,,,,,,,, staying with works performance shocks, by the way,has anyone bent a shaft or blown a seal with WP shocks? just curious anythings possible! Mine are going on 3rd season now... that or I'm or not riding hard enough. stock units will never be good enough and no WP shocks are not cheap.....or falcons or rock shocks etc. lot of good companies making shocks out there. Make sure whoever you speak with knows what "trials" means, and are rebuildable. Translation.....this will not be cheap for el primo shocks! dgraf
  6. Bought works performance shocks for my kt250....told them I wanted the heaviest springs they had for vintage expert, and my weight (175lbs) shafts are 1mm larger than some other shocks out there and would buy another pair for my TL125. On the KT just spaced them out a little for clearance and bolted them on. I haven't tried any different settings and as far as I can tell its spot on. I recommend them but quality is not cheap ( 450.00) but you tend to forget about that after replacing the stock ones. cheers, dgraf
  7. Uploaded with 2011 vintage trial at Rio Bravo (Houston Texas) with my green gouger!
  8. kinda going out on a limb.......but if the ignition switch is still being used,check it out also,can lose the ground and cause headlight to be on,but not burning at full brillance until bike is revved up then light starts really burning bright!..... of course that was after finding out nothing was wrong with headlight or the rectifier.....sigh. hope this helps.
  9. you know how it goes.......a friend of a friend knows this dude who has a trials bike fer sale,made out like a bandit three Tl125's for a song.....100.00 each.even managed to get one fired up tonight. My best purchase so far.
  10. saw my buddies Kawasaki 500 triple set for about 10yrs.... it was setup for road racing and he had pulled the cylinders to fill up crankcase area... we double checked vacuum and pressure, no leaks! I know I know! couldn't believe the center seal was still good. anybody else fill up their 2 strokes this way for bottom end security? rebuttal? dgraf
  11. okay, picys please of the Don Smith 330,and an explanation of what was done and what they got the weight down to. any info would be kewl. Thanks
  12. sooooooo is there any way to get the frame specs to build a gollner framed kt250(aka The "peril")? dgraf
  13. opinion only, how did they(ama manufactors etc..) come up with the fact that they are polluting more? Can't really understand it. On average I would imagine most trilas riders only get a few hours in on the weekends to ride, yet they use weedwackers blowers etc to service peoples lawns. they are running from the moment I get up till the day ends. I don't think Montesa should have stopped production of the 2t(unlike the other companies). there will always be the 2stroke 4stoke war and I don't mind what anyone rides, but saying that they are polluting more is just absurd. I have rode both, but 10200 for a stock Montesa and 12200. for a repsol is ridiculous. pretty soon the only people that can afford them will be the pro riders. I think I'm getting old(sigh). dgraf
  14. questions answered yes it is difficult to watch a trials competition(most events you will need a bike to see it all( this applies to US events we usually have long loops) No! I really don't give a damn about the media covering my sport yes, trials riders are weird. No! it is not for everyone. yes, we need some rules. No! the bike you bring to ride should not matter(example I rode my TL125 against 175, 250 and 350's) Yes the people who whine are not terribly good riders. yes you will have to practice more than one day a week(if you really want that trophy) Yes, Yes and Yes in the '70 the only rule was bring a trials bike and have fun! sorry for the ranting
  15. yeah,heavy on the expensive, but I haven't built any custom shocks before. Ran about 550.00. got the heaviest spring set for trials I could buy Don't mind spending the money though.......Rather spend it on the bike than give it to the goverment! don't know how long they will last but for now they are the dogs b****ks. and they don't bottom out like the stockers! Going to my 1st event(sat) since '97.....boy is this gonna hurt! cheers