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  1. Is Cody Webb riding at Duluth?
  2. Same 3 guys been together for over 40 years. Saw them a little over a year ago. Great show.
  3. Bill Where are you from in Minnesota, and where do you ride now?
  4. Maybe it's time the USA trials community push to have Cody go over to the other side of the pond to have a go at the world rounds.
  5. Very nice
  6. Congrats Patrick!
  7. The guys from MavTV were there taping that section on the last loop. I think TechnoVideo might also have got some of the action. The footage should be very interesting. I was standing right there with my son. Fun section to watch.
  8. Section 8 was the mudhole. Pat did not punch out just didn't make it up. This ended up being the only section to give the top guys any trouble.Cody and Will both took a 1 on the final loop. Keith would have taken a 1 also I believe but yelled for his minder to grab his bike,just as the skid plate hit and held on the ledge. I think the guys from MavTV were filming a lot of the action at section 8. I saw some of the video and I think it will be on the website in a few days.
  9. What time will the event get started on both days?
  10. 125

    He is 14 years old, about 5 foot 1, 105 pounds.
  11. 125

    I am thinking about moving my son up to a 125, from his Beta 80. Any thoughts, opinions on 125s from 2005 or newer. Thanks for the replys.
  12. Wayne What school did your son play basketball for in Iowa?
  13. Where is the best place to stay for the world round? It looks like things close to the TTC are full. Where in Chattanooga is a good place to stay? Or is there someplace else close that would have decent rooms. Thanks for the help
  14. Should be a great fight. HBO is doing some pre-fight shows on each fighters camps. Hatton is becoming a star here in the USA. This will be the best Ricky has ever faced, but I'm afraid Floyd will be to much for him.
  15. There is no excuse for the lack of results posted on the internet. We should be ashamed of ourselves in the trials community, from the casual fan such as myself, to the people who are trying to make a living from this. If we want this sport to grow in our country we need to take action ourselves. How we can have a National event and still be wondering what the results were days later is just hard for me to accept. I know we are just a small niche sport, but that doesn't have to mean we act like we have weekend get togethers once in a while. That's enough of a rant from me, but I think it is a sad commentary on our sport in this country.