etiquette, Selfish people running their engines when queuing at sections.

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On 10/01/2017 at 9:00 PM, djr said:

I thought I had heard everything when it comes to people moaning about what someone else is doing,

then I read this !

YES it is good manners to switch off your engine,

BUT if your that worried about exhaust emissions then maybe you should ride with an Oxygen tank on your back {like a diver}

the Ramblers , Greenpeace etc. would love to read this thread as it would just give them more ammunition to ban our hobby

I also see the usual " ban 2 stroke" comments from 4 stroke bike owners ,

many of  these  4 strokes burn as much oil as a 2 stroke and make 10 times the noise, { which offends me but I don't moan about it }


Ban noise.

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As I said before I've no gripe with this.

However when a rider turns up with the latest classic thats been lying in a shed for 40years it's time to get the gas masks out.

Normally some 50 something codger trying to re live his youth with an old Bultaco/Ossa?SWM with an exhaust full of stale 2 stroke that is constantly trying to ignite.

Absolutely no consideration for the general entry, then for a finale the crank seals will fail just to give the whole country a taste of this indescribable stench.

This does happen and I was that Bultaco rider.

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What a great thread to start the new year....assuming it's not a troll?

I think they should ban those little flag things cos they are never in the right place for me and cause an unrequested foot to terrafirma transition.

PS in the scale of things diluted exhaust gases being carcinogenic, are on the very low side of potential. You've more chance of big C nastiness from burnt toast.

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