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  1. handlebar upsweep

    You can roll yours forward and the sweep will add to the height. Works well if you like riding over the front more.
  2. Honda montesa accessories

    Have bought from http://www.vitititaniowtc.com/en/ http://www.futuretrial.com/ http://mitani-ms.shop-pro.jp/ All good. Would and probably will buy from each again.
  3. Getzen Rodeo

    Watching grimbos 2016 video it looks like the only place a trials bike would be an advantage would be the rocky hill about halfway around the lap, and even then not so much because it's broken into two sections with run up for each, and there are people to pull it when near the top. Second half of the lap is relatively open, especially at the end. Trials bikes handle terribly outside of trials sections. Even if one was set up for that it'd still suck because of the spindly forks, yokes, frame and swingarm flexing. Then there's the geometry (short wheelbase, less rake and half the trail of a 125 mxer). Low ground clearance, short suspension travel, tiny radiator, small discs and calipers, half the box either too close or too wide... Might be okay for a casual cruise around the track but not for anyone trying to go quick.
  4. Helmet Weight

    Just do some headbanging in your spare time to make neck gains.
  5. The Vertigo Ursus In Action

    looks like ****
  6. Yamaha...

    Has the newer backwards yz motor. Injected then? Ones before the backwards engine were 19kg
  7. Power Coat Or Paint

    I'd go paint on a trials bike because it's easier to fix when damaged.
  8. 4Rt No Spark - Help!

    I used Kreem on an old fuel tank and it worked well for years but I don't know if there was ethanol in it or if it would be affected. Future make one out of aluminium...
  9. Inner Sole

    What kind of socks do you wear? I wear Fox motocross socks with Forma boots and haven't had a problem. The socks are reasonably thick around the foot. I move my feet between the arch and ball depending though .