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  1. 4rt is sold through honda dealers in the usa. Still badged montesa. Always wondered a bit why they weren't branded as honda outside europe.
  2. No video. I'm antisocial. This is one of 2 pics I have. About 12 years ago I guess.
  3. Not at all. Of course it helps, it's just stupid and unnecessary. They may as well add one of those dumb craig jones wheelie school bars so he can't loop out. After that they could look into installing some kind of third wheel so he doesn't need to wheelie at all.
  4. Not really. I can wheelie until my arms or lower back are too sore and have no trouble when the front wheel stops. Just means turning using pegs instead of the bars.
  5. that front wheel motor belongs in the bin
  6. Convince the club to introduce a time limit, then 5 them? Or throw stuff at them Stop that. Don't do it in enduro either. Feather the clutch like that when you need momentum but also big power for an obstacle, or if the front starts to come up on a group start Neither are relevant right now, I think Sounds like throttle and clutch control both need work. Take the clutch lever off so you can't use it. 1st is low enough that you can push off a bit and click it without stalling. Ride in wet clay if you can. If not, wet grass. You can pump the tyre way up too. Practice slowing down to idle and rolling on (hard) from there If you lose traction doing something don't chop the throttle, roll off a bit. Chop = lost momentum and more likely to open hard and mess everything up completely Climb hills if Somerset has any. Throttle control = momentum = summit Ride around in circles and stuff with one hand. Throttle control + body position. Learn slow wheelies (after more better clutch skills ) Braaap I don't believe there is, unless it's used wrong Clean or crash
  7. Clutch: nothing Brake: 2007+ CRF-R master and red hose .
  8. lighter bike ≠ less riding lighter body ≠ lighter bike brb going auschwitz mode so my 4rt feels like a bicycle
  9. I use dexron vi for the trans and whatever 10w40 for the engine. If elf was the same price i'd still use what i do now.
  10. I agree. Everyone stop discussing what you have seen in the videos, to which this thread is dedicated, on this trials discussion board.
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