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Serial # help required

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Hello all, Mark here from Au. I'm new to trials and looking at what the seller believed to be a 2015 250 Jotagas, however neither of us are sure of the bikes age based on Jgas images of the 2015 models. The serial number is: UCPJT300115074007# if anyone can throw some light on it. I've contacted JGas, but as yet no reply.

Happy trials all.

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 12.47.09 AM.png

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Hi - I'm from Aus (WA) and have a 2015 JGas 250. I suggest you contact Paul Arnott from TheHellTeam as he would have imported and likely sold the bike originally. I had a look at that on Gumtree (my 2014 Jotagas is up there as well). The bike you are looking at certainly looks to have the specs of a 2015 Jotagas with the Elka Shock but may have a later sticker set than mine - looks to be an S3 set. Also looks to have the thicker bash plate than the original 2014 and 2015 bikes. Also the VIN number gives it as a 300cc and looking at the 115 number is similar to my 2015 bike while my 2014 Jotagas had 114. So to me it is a 2015 JGas 300.



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Thank you all. Paul from the hell team very helpful. I wanted to purchase new from him, just couldn't afford it after a deal fell over on my end. Turns out it's a 2015 model after all.

Thanks again for your help guys.


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