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  1. Thanks for the info Rob Thanks for the info Rob
  2. Just wondering if anyone has had the pleasure of having a Disectomy, and carried on riding trials. Had the op two weeks ago, so busy going through rehabilitation at the moment, and itching to get back out, but dont want to take any risks of coming back too soon.
  3. I've noticed since you moved to the factory, 250, a few of the guys on the forums have nicknamed you dabber Wilson, is there any reason for this Ian ?
  4. Is that the Factory 250 Mr wilson? Slow speed control, Over what type of cambers? Do you use it regularly in trials or is it just pleasure riding?
  5. This is about the only thing I have'nt tried, will let you know the outcome Cheers
  6. Cheers, but already checked all the usual places.
  7. Over the past few outings, I have noticed a clunking noise coming from the front end. Have done all of the usual stuff, headstock, front wheel bearings, tighten forks, check fork internals Check frame mounts, cracks in frame etc, etc, still have clunking sound. Mainly happens when front becomes light. Only other thing I have thought of could be fork stiction? Any help would be appreciated
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