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  1. OK, i'm going to do it inbetween and try 475cc ore for safety 500cc to do 2 changes with one cann oil. Greathings, Luc
  2. Belgium has super bike spots so iff you should come over to Belgium i show you were you have to ride. My second country used to be the UK. I ride BMW airhead for over 25 years and have visited the UK normaly 3 times a year. Now i ride a K75RT and a R100RS - 1987. Greathings, Luc
  3. Chris, things will improve thats for shure!! Nice to read that your wife is riding to. My wifen and i are riding together but wit a MTB are road cycle. Nice to do things together. Greathings, Luc
  4. Thanks, F..CK!! Belgium borders are closed. My trials club is near Belgium at Breda (NL) and it is forbidden to cross the border!! I'm not in love with the CORONA. I hope all you are ok in the UK. Greathings, Luc
  5. Hello, cann somebody tell me how much gearbox oil i need to fill up the gearbox with afther draining the oil? I have a beta evo 250 factory - 2017. Greathings & thanks, Luc
  6. UPDATE Montesa 4RT -soft power -tight turns with a little hop off the back wheel OK -blip and double blip - the bike is after me - slow response -Jap zap - slow response but great suspension -hop the front and back wheel - easy because off the suspension -trails riding uphil, downhill - nice to ride -superbe brakes -drop off the edge - feel the weight -starts not so easy as the Beta -does smell nothing at the exhaust Beta factory 250 2t -soft power but fast -tight turns 200% tight -blip and double blip - bike respons when at the same time as my mind think to give a blip off the throtlle -Jap zap - wheel lift faster - quick response -hop the front and back wheel - OK rear brake not allways 100% -trails riding uphil, downhill - nice to ride more like a 2 stroke motorcross bike and the smell off the oilmixture So afher 2 hours of switching bikes under the same conditions, same tire pressure,....riding 80% Beta VS 20% Montesa look and love 80% Montesa VS 20% Beta Greathings, Luc
  7. Jimmy, thanks for the advice. My 4RT repsol is al late 2017 one. I am going to try your advice wensday. Greathings Luc
  8. Sounds lovely & brings a smile on my face (just the look off the bike at this moment) is just what it is at the moment. I hope that it will change and that i be able to ride the 4rt the more are less like i ride my Beta 250🤤 Practicing at wensday & friday. Took free from work to ride 👍👍
  9. Hello, sound from the exhaust is nicer to ride at home and much quiter for the neighbours. I'm only 1m75 and 62kg and find it verry hard to hop with the front wheel. Also when i put the front wheel on the ground afther a zap over a rock or log the wheel feels to kisses the ground with more weight than my Beta do. At the trials terrain in Breda there are lots off teight turnings to make and with the 4rt i need to hop the front wheel to make them. ...gona give it a try for a couple off weeks and than decide what i'm going to do. To trails around and ride up/off hill the 4rt is wonderfull. Greathings, Luc
  10. Where i live there are only 2 trials riders in the neigborhoud and where i ride 99% are 2-stroke beta & gasgas riders. I would give it a try and so i decided to buy one. Iff i can not adapt to the 4-stroke mode then a will sell the almost brand new cota and hold the my beta factory 250. This week i have a nother day off the work and will ride a whole day with the cota to see what's gona happen. Greathings, Luc
  11. Hello, afther a 2017 Beta 250 factory 2 stroke i bought a 2017 montesa repsol 260 becouse i love the look off the bike. Yesterday first day at the montesa and i must say it was hard to ride. I will give it a while but when changing back to my beta 250 it felt super light and super responsive. Zapping over a log, turning, hopping,....have to learn all on the montsa or....stay with the beta. Greathings, Luc
  12. Thanks for the answers and information. I'm going to contact Bernard Hubeau in Wépion and ask iff i cann go to ride with him at once. I have read a lot at this forum before i made the step to the RT. Today i was swapping between the Beta and the RT and both have there pro's. Greathings, Luc
  13. Hello, i'm tend to ride a Beta 250 Factory 2017 with boyson reeds but today i bought a Repsol Montesa 260 - 2017. I like to give the 4 stoke montesa a try. I'm in love with the look off the bike. I cann use all tips & tricks to set up the bike properly and hope to adapt in a normal time to 4-stoke mode. I rode a lot but in Belgium there are just a handfull 4RT riders. In competition i haven't almost seen none. Greathings, Luc
  14. Thanks, the RCM sump guard seems to be nice and not so expensive like the S3 one. I think i'm going to try it out. RIde proper....first learn to ride for me Greathings, Luc
  15. Hello guys, now i have bought a really nice bike i would like to know iff there are sump guard plates that give a better protection for the engine and frame. Annyone have experience with this? S3? , CSP? , …. Greathings, Luc
  16. Helllo, the bosi 2019 is the stock model with lots of modifications like light weight fork clamps, bosi package, lightweight bolt, footpeggs,smoother cluch, different cylinder head (smoother),.... Phone Johan (Jori Motors) 0476 64 29 82. Greathings, Luc
  17. Hello everyone, thanks for all the good advice. I just bought a Evo 250 factory like new. Iff i had the money i had bought a 300 Bosi SS with lots of extra parts.My local dealer Jori Sport Belgium made a verry nice price for the 2019 model. Here are some pictures of my new toy. I'm verry happy with this one. Greathings, Luc
  18. Thanks for the information. Is it realy a great difference in engine and grunt between the stock evo 250 and the factory model as singesavant rode above? Could it be an option to install teh stock exhaust? Greathings, Luc
  19. Thank you, the problem is that i don't have the poussibility to do that. I ride in technical zones and personally think that a 250 is the best choice for me as i am a novice. I had a 3004t factory and stuggeled with is. I rode once a 250 and foud it a lot better but in Belgium most riders like to ride a 300. Greathings, Luc
  20. Hello, i'm looking for a trials bike. I ride beginners clubman level. I can buy 2 bikes in verry good condition for the same price: 1. Beta Evo Factory 250 year 2017 2. Bete Evo 300 stock bike year 2017 I read a lot on trialscentral and dont know wbat is the best choice for me. I ride most off the time in a bike park (no big hills) with a lot of obstacles (technicalà. My weight 65kg. At this moment i only have a montesa 4ride to play with. Greathings, Luc
  21. Hi Steve,

    i'm thinking about a new trials bike. I had a beta 300 4T and i was struggling with the
    weight to hop around. The beta 2T was going a lot better for me. I also have a
    4ride and like the engine a lot . I'm thinking to buy a montesa 260. I ride most off
    the thime at msc Breda trials park and that's verry technical. Cann you geve me
    some off your experiance on the 4T  montesa? (i'm a beginner / clubman rider)


    Luc from Belgium

  22. Wow, great new. Looking forward to it.
  23. Are there some where pictures from the 2019 colours/models? Greathings, Luc
  24. Me happy, just bougt an extra evo 250 2-stroke; I rode one from a friend and like the ring-ding-ding from 2T bike. I'm a novice and have to learn a lot. 2T seems a lot easier to me. Will see iff i'm right. Like somone said...next bike mayby electric but furst learn to ride.
  25. Sorry for the bad English....i'm from Belgium
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