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  1. mobbster

    2011 EVO AM I JINXED

    Hi All I have looked at date stamp on underside of fender even on a late model 010 the fenders were made in 09 Have have some black TTT ones and the were all made in 09 Could any of the lads with 011 bikes see what the date stamp says please ? Cheers
  2. Hi All Only my 2p worth.. I like the look of the TTT bike BUT i would be suprised if it was better in any way than the factory Beta bikes.. That would be like honda in moto gp giving the satellite teams better bikes that they have... (i just cannot see it) If im wrong i stand corrected benbeta23 you mentioning jack challoner did you see his fall at sheffield ? straight in to the skip from 12/15ft Then see how toni bou did it.. Cheers
  3. mobbster

    2011 EVO AM I JINXED

    Hi One of the lads broke his off today right across the back of the airbox....he done the same thing 3 weeks ago Maybe they are a bit fragile...but i have bent them double on all of my evos and they have been ok... just the luck of the draw i think... or BAD BAD luck ... The first time we put it down to being in the cold-riding in the snow But its not been that cold today Cheers
  4. Hi Copemech From putoline web site SILICON SPRAY (AE) Description Putoline's Silicon Spray restores colour to that showroom like finish to a wide variety of plastic and painted surfaces and at the same time ensures future cleaning is made easier. Its water-repellent formulation makes it the ideal choice when protecting electrical components from ingress of water. BUT WILL TRY IT AS A SEX LUBE No worries smallboy..... its all good banter I would like to mention even after lots of deep water crossings and a really good wash of the bike after... i have only ever removed less than a tea spoon of water from any of my beta evos and this includes a few total submersion's (hence my TTT nick name the water boy ) But the flywheel will have condensation on it if temperatures go up and down while its stored...just like you get on the aluminium frame... CHEERS
  5. YES thats why you use WD40 Yes the good old days when any item could be fixed by a quick squirt of the dreaded stuff...move on its 2011 but what do i know..... well fixing bikes for 35 years hey.....remind me to drop my bike in to you for a service.. gasgas pdi (read the post.. we are talking about a beta......oh i could go on...do bvm or colin appleyard drill holes in the covers NO... does it say it in the beta pdi....i guess not as steve saunders carrys out most of bvm's pdi's and he has never drilled a fly wheel cover on any of my betas or recommended doing it....oh what would he know about trials bikes and riding.. winning x amount of scottish 6 days and about 10 british titles etc etc)if you will be sarcastic ORMPLUS expect it back.. Cheers
  6. Hi Dont drill any holes in the cover this lets water in when you are crossing streams/water etc..... Leave the cover off while its stored. And dont spray WD40 on the fly wheel/electrics This makes things worse if you have a hole in the cover as any dust/dirt that gets in while riding will stick to the WD40 in hard to reach places and only cause you trouble later in the day..... After a ride and wash ....take the cover off lean the bike on its side to allow any water/condensation to drain out. Then spray all around fly wheel with contact cleaner then lean bike on its side to drain...this will evaporate after a few minutes....Job done. If the flywheel weight is becoming rusty wipe a very small amount of silicon spray over it with a clean rag (very small amount) putoline do a good silicon spray. All the best
  7. Oset......They are for kids...yes my little boy has one BUT if you had a version for adults it would weigh more than a car Dont get me wrong they are a great item for kids to learn on but even the battery & motor is old technology. As you stated above the oset is probably the best small bike on the market but dont confuse that with state of the art technology....(to be honest i think if you could have shown an oset bike to a NASA engineer in the late 1960 early 70s i still dont think he/she would be impressed- but its the best we have now which only goes to show how slow things progress in a limited market) Cheers
  8. mobbster

    Beta Gear problems?

    Hi Liviob I was talking the problem through with a guy who builds bespoke clutches for all types of bikes.. The reason for the weak selector sping is you get less or no false neutrals The down side is it is hard to select neutral when the bike is at a stand still with the engine running. I noticed beta have changed to gear meshing profiles for the 2011 bike (this will help gear selection even with a weak spring) Cheers
  9. The evo tank is a fair bit smaller than Rev 3.... BUT http://www.trialendurodirect.com/products/2_12/products.php?images&HEBO_Auxilary_Fuel_tanks_661 this is what me and a few of my mates use Cheers
  10. Hi Luct4 fuel consumption depends on how you ride the bike... No two riders will run out of fuel at the same time on the same type of bikes... The evo may be a little better on fuel BUT the tank is a lot smaller than on the Rev 3. Cheers
  11. mobbster

    Beta Gear problems?

    Hi benwall The problem is a weak gear selector spring (this helps to stop you getting false neutrals) but is a pain to select neutral again once the engine is running when stationary. Using a really good gear oil will help (but not much ! the clutch mod will help with the feel of the clutch but not have any affect on gear selection) With betas its a case of some are not to bad to get gears and others are just bad...... from new they dont seem to bad but get worse with age....well all mine have on the evo's. Cheers
  12. Hi Gerko Castrol TTS is very good ... as is Castrol XR77 which is the best premix oil Castrol do for unleaded petrol. 75mls in 5 litres of fuel should be spot on Cheers
  13. Hi Bigman... You need to be looking for a 270cc and buy the newest one you can afford You will have to get an uprated rear spring made up as these are only set up for a 12stone max rider from the factory. (I would ring a place like BVM at stroud) and see if they can point you in the right direction for a spring. Steve saunders does them for the beta evo he may also know. All the best Cheers
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