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  1. Please note the start time has been put back to 11.30 to give more time for setting out on the morning of the trial Assistance is required to help setting the sections out if you can help please turn up early.
  2. The next round of the RRCMCC Club Championship will be held on SATURDAY November 10th at 10.30am More details and directions to the venue can be found on the clubs website. Regards, Neil Chairman RRCMCC
  3. Red Rose Classic MCC are organising the final round for 2018 of the Northern Classic Bike Championship on Sun 7th Oct. This year we will have a new start venue at LBS Standroyd Mill, Cotton Tree Lane, Colne, BB8 7BW as the usual venue is unavailable. We hope to have 30 sections on the event so if you can observe please contact Pete Kenyon, his contact details are on our website. redroseclassictrials.co.uk Also if you can help by setting out sections on the day before the trial please contact Pete. Thanks Neil, Chairman RRCMCC
  4. Our last trial of the year the Paul Harrison Memorial Trial at Copy Pit will start at 11am to give the volunteers extra time to set the trial out. regards, Neil Chairman RRCMCC
  5. Change of date:- The RRCMCC trial due to be held on Sat Sept 23rd at Higher Sheepwash Farm has been moved to Sunday 17th Sept at the same venue. Change of venue:- The trial due to be held on Sun 3rd Dec will be held at Warmden not Moss Quarry. Neil Chairman RRCMCC
  6. Due to National Grid work at Pendlebury Bait our next championship trial has been moved to:- Higher Sheep Wash Farm Off Mill Lane RATHMELL N Yorks BD24 0JU That post code covers about 5 farms so please follow the directions that will be published on our website in due course. Please also follow the parking instructions that will be posted on the website. For environmental reasons do not wash your bike in the main beck. Neil, Chairman RRCMCC
  7. As the original venue at Float Bridge is waterlogged Red Rose Classic MCCs trial this Sunday has been moved to Copy Pit BB10 4SZ. If you can please turn up early & help set out a few sections? Neil Chairman RRCMCC
  8. I feel sorry for the ladies at the church who will have a mountain of home cooking & soup they won't sell & Kinlochleven school who will have bought in a mountain of bacon that will now be unsold? Its a much needed earner for all concerned.
  9. Trouble is I've no pictures for this year now as it was to wet to risk camera I was saving it for tomorrow which is allegedly going to only be light rain I must admit it has peed it down all day non stop.
  10. Unfortunately its true just been announced at the hotel we were having dinner at, its been the wettest I've known it for years up here they postponed the start today till 11am & cut a few sections, its peed down relentlessly all day I got soaked through riding round the loch watching sections, still sorry it canc tomorrow as all my gear is now in B+B drying room ready for day 2. There is loads of standing water & all the burn are flowing real fast on the plus side theres some beautiful waterfalls to be seen.
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